Thursday, February 23, 2012

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is the best Mac data recovery tool

As the continuous development of network information, data security becomes more and more important. Our daily works are connected to data; the development of an enterprise is associated with data; and the security and prosperity of a country is closely bound up with data as well. Therefore, we are making contact with data all the time. But once the data information are lost or leaked, serious disasters will be produced. So in daily computer use, we should attach importance to backing up data files to avoid the serious consequences resulting from data losses. As to data losses that have occurred, data recovery is the most primary thing. When facing data losses, perhaps most Windows users are able to recover lost data timely because there are a number of data recovery tools suitable for Windows operating systems. We can download and use the professional data recovery tool to recover lost data to prevent catastrophes brought by data losses. As to Mac computer users, recovering lost data may be a little difficult for them, for there are not many Mac data recovery tools on the market and we have to pay for the few Mac data recovery tools before using them. Thus, when faced with data losses, many Mac computer users won't recover lost data in most cases.
In order to help Mac users solve the problems about data losses, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has published special Mac data recovery tool - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. This Mac data recovery tool is freely earmarked for data recovery in Mac. Through the repeated tests of staffs from MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has absolute security. And its powerful recovery ability can not be matched by other Mac data recovery tools. We can download this Mac data recovery software on the official website

Brief introduction to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
We have mentioned that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a free Mac data recovery tool. Maybe many users have doubts, but that is true. In order to satisfy common users' demands, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is able to help us freely recover lost data amounting to 1 GB, which is enough to help ordinary users to solve problems of data losses. Maybe some users are still having doubts about the functions of this Mac data recovery tool. Then we'll introduce it in detail.

After downloading this Mac data recovery tool, install it on the computer and then run it. In the main interface, there are four function modules.

The function module "Undelete Recovery" is specially designed for undeleting data. If we delete some useful files by accident, we can click this function module to recover deleted data.

In the window of "Undelete Recovery", we can see disk partition information. Select the partition where the lost files are originally stored and then click "Recover" to scan the lost files. After the scan is finished, select the files that will be recovered and store them. Then we'll finish Mac data recovery.

The function module "Damaged Partition Recovery" is mainly able to recover lost data caused by formatted partition or virus infection. When encountering this situation, we should employ this function module. 

Then select the partition where data losses occur and click "Open" or "Full Scan" to scan and view lost files. After that, save the recovered files according to the operation prompts so as to finish Mac data recovery. "Lost Partition Recovery" is aimed at partition loss. In partition management, we may remove partition by accident or the whole partition is lost because of virus attacks; then we can use this function module to recover data from lost partition.

The last one function module - "Digital Media Recovery" is specially designed for lost media files in partition. We can quickly scan and recover files like pictures, music, and videos and so on by employing this function module. 

Through the above introduction to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, perhaps many Mac users have had a deeper cognizance of this Mac data recovery tool. Encountering any problem, users can visit the official website to communicate with our technicians or leave massages. Of course, your advices are welcome to make us do better for the sake of more Mac users' needs.

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