Friday, February 24, 2012

Perform Mac data recovery with Mac data recovery software

When encountering data losses in Mac use, we need not feel anxious because we can use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover lost data. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is software researched and developed by the professional software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. in Canada. It is earmarked for Mac data recovery, having high security and powerful data recovery ability. Then we'll introduce the Mac data recovery software in detail.
Firstly, run the Mac data recovery software. From the main window of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery we can see its four function modules.

The specific functions are shown in the main window of this Mac data recovery software. Among them, "Undelete Recovery" is specially designed for recovering deleted data. In Mac use, if we delete some important data files because of carelessness, we can employ this function to recover lost files. In computer use, if encountering data losses resulting from accidentally formatted partition or virus attacks, users can employ the function module "Damaged Partition Recovery" to recover lost data. Besides, some users are likely to encounter that the whole partition is removed. As to this kind of serious data losses, we ought to employ "Lost Partition Recovery" to recover lost data. This function module is able to scan disk quickly and find the lost partition in the scanned disk; then recover data from the lost partition. This function is very powerful. Then we'll focus on the function module "Digital Media Recovery" and introduce it in detail because it is frequent and practical to use for Mac users

Recovering lost pictures quickly by employing "Digital Media Recovery"
Perhaps picture losses have happened to most Mac users. Since they have trouble to find some excellent picture recovery software, they do nothing when picture losses every time. However, if having the professional Mac data recovery software, we can recover lost pictures easily. And the function module "Digital Media Recovery" of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery which is specially designed for media file losses is able to help us well. We can click "Digital Media Recovery" in the main window to recover lost pictures.

After entering the function module "Digital Media Recovery", we can see partition information in disk from the window. Select the partition where the lost pictures are originally stored and then click "Full Scan". And the Mac data recovery software will scan media files in the lost partition. After the scan is finished, we can see all lost media files in the partition.

Through the preview pictures in the display area, we can select the pictures that will be recovered. Then click "Save Files" to store the selected files. When storing them, we'd better not store the data in the original partition to prevent data from being overwritten and avoid influences on recovery effect in the recovery process.

Through the above demonstration, we can see the operation of the Mac data recovery software is very simple and convenient. Meanwhile, when looking for files, we can use filter function to scan files directly, which is convenient as well. If every Mac user had such excellent Mac data recovery software, they would not worry about disasters caused by data losses in Mac.

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