Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recover data for Mac

Many Mac users may have encountered the situation where important data stored in Mac are lost because of users' accidental operation in the process of Mac use. Although Apple Inc. has optimized Mac operating system according to accidental deletion, which makes deleted data stored in Trash temporarily and provides users with the function of data recovery from Trash to protect data security better in Mac, Mac operating system is unable to help users recover the deleted important data if Trash is emptied. However, we need not feel frustrated because we can recover data for Mac, and only special technology is needed.

How to recover data for Mac?
In order to recover data for Mac, special technology is needed. But for users who do not know much computer knowledge, they are unable to realize the special technology. Maybe many users will think of asking professionals for help, which is a good method of Mac data recovery, but it costs a lot of money and most common Mac users can not afford it. As Mac data loss happens more and more frequently, ordinary Mac users are desperately in need of a suitable Mac data recovery method for dealing with unpredictable Mac data loss. It is to recover data for Mac with professional Mac data recovery software. And MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is pretty good professional Mac data recovery software which has mighty functions and simple operation and supports kinds of file systems and storage devices, suitable for different Mac users. More detailed information can be got on the official website .

How to recover deleted data for Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery?
In order to recover data for Mac, which is caused by accidental deletion, we need to know the file system of the partition where the lost data was first of all. Since the common Mac file systems FAT and HFS+ have different structures, Mac data recovery method differs according to different file systems. Then run the professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and its main interface will be shown.

In the main interface of the Mac data recovery software, there are four independent function modules which are designed for one or several data loss situations. To recover deleted data for Mac, if the Mac partition where lost data was is FAT partition, we should click "Undelete Recovery"; if it is HFS+ partition, we should click "Damaged Partition Recovery". Take HFS+ partition for example. Click "Damaged Partition Recovery" and the following interface will be shown.

In this interface, select the partition where the deleted Mac data was and click "Open" and the following picture will be shown.

In this interface, all data in the selected partition are shown. Check the Mac data to be recovered and click "Save Files" to save the recovered data to a safe location to finish recovering data for Mac.

If Mac data loss has happened to you and you are being annoyed by the problem how to recover data for Mac, just download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and it won't disappoint you.

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