Monday, February 27, 2012

Recover data from lost partition with Mac data recovery specialist

When managing disk in Mac computer, we may remove a partition containing important data because of carelessness, thus giving rise to a multitude of data losses. This kind of situations is common for Mac users. The whole partition loss will bring us catastrophes which cause individual person great inconvenience, or even worse, has influences on the survival of an enterprise. Therefore, when we come across partition loss in Mac, what we should do is to recover lost data. At this time, Mac data recovery specialist is needed. However, when choosing Mac data recovery specialist, we should pay attention to the availability and security of the Mac data recovery specialist. The availability is specially manifested in supporting data recovery in Mac and security means the safe performance that the Mac data recovery specialist is equipped with. Since the software market is chaotic, there is much nonprofessional software which has great defects in recovery technology and has low security. If used unwittingly, this kind of dangerous may not recover lost data well; instead, more troubles may be brought. Considered according to various kinds of situations, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is the best choice for users. Then we will introduce the Mac data recovery specialist MiniTool Mac Data Recovery briefly.

Firstly, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is data recovery software earmarked for Mac computer. And the operation of the software function is very simple and convenient, which has high availability. Secondly, this Mac data recovery, released by the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. in Canada, is published after tested repeatedly, so it has very high security. Through the two points, we can say that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is an excellent Mac data recovery specialist for Mac computer. After briefly introducing this Mac data recovery specialist, we will demonstrate it in detail.

Recover data from lost partition with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
First of all, we need to visit to download this Mac data recovery specialist. Then install and run it.

The above is the main interface of the Mac data recovery specialist and we can clearly see its four function modules. When encountering partition losses in Mac computer use, we should select "Lost Partition Recovery".

In this interface, select the disk where the lost partition is and then click "Recover" to scan partitions. 

The Mac data recovery specialist will perform quick scan to lost partitions.  

After the quick scan is finished, the software will scan disk completely in order to help user recover lost data to the maximum. After the full scan is finished, the following is shown.

In this interface, select the partition which has the same status as the lost partition does and then click "Show Files

In this interface, we can see all data in the lost partition. Select the files that will be recovered and then click "Save Files" to store them. That's it! We have successfully recovered lost data from the lost partition. Maybe in the past, users didn't know what to do when encountering partition losses in Mac. However, after seeing the above demonstration, you can solve the problem easily. Don't hesitate. Just download the Mac data recovery specialist and have a try.  

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