Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recover lost data from Mac with Mac disk recovery tool

Mac computer has led the fashion trends and more and more people are crazy for it owing to its unique and noble style. It is unknown whether some Mac users have encountered data losses in Mac disk or not. But data losses occurring in Mac disk, as we all know, is very troublesome because data losses in Mac disk are much different from that in Windows operating systems. In Mac disk, the file system used to store files is HFS+ or HFS, and the minimum unit for data storage in Mac is block which is not like cluster defined in Windows operating system, so there are some differences in data storage styles. If data in Mac disk are lost, it is difficult for us to recover lost data. In Windows operating system, when facing data losses, we can download a lot of data recovery tools to recover lost data, but theses data recovery tools are unable to recover lost data from Mac. Therefore, we have to use special Mac disk recovery tool. But when we search "recovery tool", most shared recovery tools on the internet are only suitable for Windows operating system but few recovery tools can be used to recover lost data in Mac disk and we have to pay before using them. Since data recovery technology starts late, the recovery ability of most Mac disk recovery tools are not good. However, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is earmarked for Mac disk recovery. Besides, for the sake of the majority of consumers' needs, this Mac disk recovery tool also provides free edition and it is professional Mac disk recovery tool worth owning by Mac users. 

The above picture is the main window of the Mac disk recovery tool - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. In the main interface, we can clearly see the four function modules of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and different modules can be used to recover lost data in different situations. Then we'll demonstrate how to recover lost pictures with the function module "Digital Media Recovery".

Recover lost pictures with the Mac disk recovery tool MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Firstly, we can visit http://www.mac-data-recover.com/ to download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for free and then install it. After that, run it and we can see the above main interface. Then click "Digital Media Recovery" to recover lost pictures. 

After entering the function module, select the partition where the lost pictures are and then click "Full Scan". This Mac disk recovery tool will automatically scan the lost media files. In order to find lost media files as much as possible, we should wait patiently. After the scan is finished, the following picture is shown. 

In the display area of this Mac disk recovery tool, we can preview the lost pictures. Select the pictures that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store files. When storing them, we'd better not store the data in the original partition, to prevent data from being overwritten and avoid influences on recovery effect in the recovery process.

Through simple operations, we have recovered lost pictures successfully. Seen from the above demonstration, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has mighty Mac data recovery ability and the whole process is seen intuitively. Having no damage to any other data information, this Mac disk recovery tool is very safe. And we can be assured to use it.

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