Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recover media files in MAC with free MAC disk file recovery software, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Important data loss in MAC may be a common situation for MAC users, especially media files in MAC disk like images, music, and video. Because of its excellent performance of dealing with media files, MAC has won a lot of popularity among users. With the release of MAC OS X, the superiority of MAC has become more and more obvious. You will feel that you can't wait to enjoy the powerful performance of MAC dealing with media files. However, frequently dealing with media files is still at risk. Accidental deletion of important files in MAC happens a lot. Users probably will lose important files in MAC because of accidental operation while managing media files. At that time, you may try to do the MAC disk file recovery work. Speaking of MAC disk file recovery, most MAC users will think it frustrating. Is there a simple and efficient way to recover MAC disk file? Actually, MAC disk file recovery can be an easy thing as long as you own a professional and powerful MAC disk file recovery program like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Please visit the official website of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to get more information about it: http://mac.powerdatarecovery.com/.

Newly added features of MAC OS X dealing with media files
All the time, MAC has been the leading role of managing media files, which makes it the first choice of most advertising agencies and studios. The newly added features of MAC OS X have made MAC more outstanding: 

Exclusive interface tools, anti-aliased effect of texts, images, and window components.
Color synchronous: built-in color matching of core graphics engine.
These new features of MAC OS X have made MAC excellent in making graphics, and also consolidated the leading role of MAC in managing media files.

Use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to operate MAC disk file recovery
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a professional MAC disk file recovery software newly released by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. It runs perfectly in MAC OS X 10.5 and upper levels' MAC OS. It also supports all kinds of common file systems like FAT and HFS+. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is compatible with variety of common storage devices. It is really excellent professional MAC disk file recovery software. In addition, with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, MAC disk file recovery can be done with really simple operations. 

At first, launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and then the main interface as the following will come up:

The main interface of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery provides us with four independent functional modules: Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, and Digital Media Recovery. Every functional module is designed for different situations of data recovery. To recover MAC disk media files, click "Digital Media Recovery" functional module.

In this "Digital Media Recovery" interface, select the disk partition which has lost media files, and then click "Full Scan" button to scan the partition files.

This screenshot shows that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is scanning the partition files. The time it takes depends on the partition size. Please wait patiently.

After scanning, this interface will come up. The list of this interface shows all the media files scanned by MiniTool Mac Data Recovery in the selected partition and provides us with preview function. We only need to find out the target media files to recover and then click "Save Files" button to set the save path. All MAC disk file recovery work is finished.

Through this presentation, we can see that MAC disk file recovery is not a difficult thing. As long as we choose the right method, we can perfectly complete MAC disk file recovery work. The newly released MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can be your best choice to recover MAC disk files. Surprisingly, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery provides users with free edition. You can visit the official website to download it and experience the 1GB free capacity of data recovery.

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