Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy way to Recover HFS+ partition data

It is common for Mac users to recover HFS+ partition data because many factors will lead to Mac data losses in daily Mac use. However, the lost Mac data in HFS+ partition may contain very important data. What should we do at this time? It is believed that most users have the same answer. That is to recover HFS+ partition data as much as possible. In order to recover HFS+ partition data quickly and completely, we ought to have some excellent and professional Mac data recovery software. And MiniTool Mac Data Recovery developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. is a pretty good choice for Mac users.

What is HFS+?
Users who are familiar with Mac may not unfamiliar with HFS+ while users who just use Mac or computer green hand may not know HFS+ well. HFS+ is the most common file system in Mac at present and it has gradually replaced its predecessor HFS due to its excellent performance. As know to all, aiming at the particularity of Mac machine, Apple Inc. developed HFS which is a kind of layered file system and HFS has been the main file system of Mac for a very long time. However, this position has been taken up by the better file system HFS+. Compared with HFS, what advantages does HFS+ have? Why can it replace HFS which has been the dominant file system for a long time? Actually HFS+ is developed on the basis of a series of improvements of HFS. These improvements include:
1. Adopting 32bit to record block number.
2. Supporting long file name.
3. Directory tree node increases to 4KB.
4. Single file size tops 263 bit.
5. Having faster boot speed. 

These improvements make HFS+ better than HFS and more satisfying for Mac users to organize and manage Mac files, so it is granted that HFS is replaced by HFS+. Nevertheless, when we use HFS+ partition to store data, important data stored in HFS+ partition are often lost due to our accidental deletions, formatted partitions, virus attacks, etc. It is unlucky to encounter data losses in this situation. But fortunately, there has been professional Mac data recovery software at present to help us quickly and timely recover HFS+ partition data and MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is such a kind of excellent Mac data recovery software.

Recover HFS+ partition data with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
In daily Mac use, Mac users may encounter HFS+ partition data losses resulting from various factors and we can recover HFS+ partition data easily with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery in almost all situations. The main window screenshot of the professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is shown below. 

The above picture is the main window screenshot of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. From the screenshot we can clearly see that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has four pertinent and powerful data recovery function modules.
Undelete Recovery: It is mainly used to recover HFS+ partition data that are lost due to accidental deletions.
Damaged Partition Recovery: It is mainly used to recover HFS+ partition data which are lost because of formatted partitions and damaged partitions.
Lost Partition Recovery: This function module is aimed at recovering HFS+ partition Data from accidentally deleted and lost partition.
Digital Media Recovery: It is earmarked for recovering lost Mac media files.

Possessing these powerful function modules, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is able to satisfy almost all data recovery demands of users in Mac, including almost all demands for recovering HFS+ partition data.

If Mac users want to own so powerful MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, just visit its official website http://www.mac-data-recover.com/to download it. And then use it to recover HFS+ partition data, trying its mighty Mac data recovery function.

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