Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mac data recovery software downloaded from the internet is able to recover lost Mac data

Most Mac users will endure data losses silently when data losses occur because it is too hard for them to recover lost data from Mac. Some users may resort to professional data recovery companies. But they will change their mind after they have an understanding of data recovery, for the data recovery expense is too high for ordinary users and they can not accept it. Therefore, many users bear the serious consequences caused by data losses. Is there a cheap and effective data recovery method? The answer is positive. That is Mac data recovery software downloaded from the internet. Users may be disappointed by this answer because they have ever searched and downloaded Mac data recovery software before, but the data recovery software earmarked for Mac is very little and some is chargeable. However, the Mac data recover software to be introduced is the cheapest and most effective, having powerful recovery ability and providing free data recovery service. It is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Some users may have doubt about the free data recovery service provided by this professional Mac data recovery software, but we can visit its official website http://www.mac-data-recover.com/ to download it and get the information. Then we'll know that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help Mac users recover lost data amounting to 1GB. From the main window, we can also see its all recovery functions. With "Undelete Recovery" we can undelete data easily; "Damaged Partition Recovery" is used to recover lost Mac data resulting from damaged partition or formatted partition; "Lost Partition Recovery" is mainly used to recover data from lost partition; and the last one, "Digital Media Recovery", is earmarked for Mac media files recovery. Through the design modes of different modules, users can select the corresponding module according to difficult situations, which saves users a lot of time in recovery process. Moreover, these specific modules will help users avoid mistaken operations, recovering lost data as much as possible.

Undelete data with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
After introducing the professional Mac data recovery software briefly, we will do practical operations, facilitating users understanding MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Take undeleting data for example.
Firstly, download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery from the official website. After the Mac data recovery software is downloaded, install and launch it. Then select "Undelete Recovery".

Select the partition which the deleted data are originally in and click "Recover" to view data in the selected partition.

In this window, find and check the data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to finish the recovery process.

From the above demonstration, we can know that the operation of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is very simple. But we should pay attention to two aspects.

1. When coming across data losses, we should not do any read-write operation, preventing lost data from being overwritten; otherwise, the lost data may not be recovered. 

2. When storing recovered files, we'd better not store them to the original partition, likewise preventing lost data from being overwritten. Otherwise, recovery effect will be influenced. 

We need not worry much when encountering data losses as long as we notice these two points. Just download this Mac data recovery software from the official website.

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