Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recovering lost files with Mac files recovery software is easy

While the computer brings us convenience, it also makes computer users at risk of facing file losses at the same time. When facing file losses, most users think about how to recover lost files at first. This problem is not difficult for Windows operating systems users because they can resort to professional files recovery companies or professional files recovery software to recover lost files. Along with the ceaseless development of files recovery technology, there are a lot of files recovery companies and files recovery software suitable for Windows operating systems. But what should we do to perform files recovery if files losses occur in Mac computer? Users who know something about operating systems may know that most software products used in Windows operating systems can not be operated in Mac operating systems, including files recovery software. So very little files recovery software is able to run in Mac computers. Aiming at this fact, MiniTool Solution Ltd. released MiniTool Mac Data Recovery which is files recovery software earmarked for Mac recovery.

Recovery effect of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
We have mentioned the files recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery above. And what recovery effect does it have? Users who have ever used products of MiniTool Solution Ltd. may know that this company has hammered away at research on data recovery technology and partition management technology for many years, especially having a very in-depth research on data recovery technology. And MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is one of its masterpieces, so the Mac data recovery software has mighty data recovery ability, recovering lost files perfectly. Those can be seen on the following files recovery operations (The following demonstration is about recovering lost files from formatted partition.).
Firstly, visit its official website http://www.mac-data-recover.com/. Next, freely download this Mac files recovery software and install it. Then launch it.

In the main window of the Mac files recovery software, select and click "Damaged Partition Recovery".

After entering the function module, select the formatted partition which causes data losses. We can click "Open" to unfold the partition to look for the lost files. If we can find the files that will be recovered, select them and click "Save Files", and then we'll finish data recovery. If the files can not be found, we should click "Back" to return to this window and click "Full Scan" to scan the partition completely.

In order to find the lost files completely, we should wait patiently. After the scan is finished, the following picture will be shown.

In this interface, select the partition which has the highest "Suggested" value and then click "Show Files" to view lost files in this partition.

In this window, we can see the lost files. Select data files to be recovered and then click "Save Files" to store them. Until now, we have successfully recovered lost files caused by formatted partition.

Through the above demonstration, user should not suspect the recovery effect of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery any more. Although the demonstration is only about recovering lost files from formatted partition, the operation of other recovery functions are as simple as that of this function. More demonstrations of Mac files recovery can be got on the official website. Thank you very much!

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