Monday, March 26, 2012

What is Smartmedia card ?

SM (Smart Media) card is one kind of micro storage card. It is like SD card. The production and sales permission of memory card Flash Memory released by Toshiba in November, 1995, is bought by Samsung in 1996. These two companies have been the main manufacturer of SM card. (P.S: it is obsolete now.)

To promote the SmartMedia to the industry standard, SSFDC forum is established in June, 1996. (SSFDC is Solid State Floppy Disk Card in short. Actually SmartMedia is called SSFDC at first. It is renamed to SmartMedia in June, 1996 and become the registered trademark of Toshiba.) SSFDC has more than 150 members and many large firms like Sony, Sharp, JVC, Philips, NEC, SanDisk, etc. SmartMedia card is the most common micro memory card of market. Once it is very popular on MP3 player. SmartMedia uses Toshiba NAND Flash Memory, so the size of it is very small: 45mm*37mm*0.76mm. It is very thin and only weighs 1.8g. It has a high rewritable function. To save the cost of SmartMedia, there is only Flash Memory module and port on memory card. There is no controller chip. To use the SmartMedia, users have to install controller facility. So the compatibility is poorer. SmartMedia uses 22 pins port, physical format and logical format. Physical format makes sure the compatibility of different devices. It must be complied with by system and control manufacturers. The physical format, FAT standard based on ATA and DOS files, makes the data exchange easier between different systems. But the configuration of physical format is different based on different page size. That depends on the type of RAM and storage capacity of memory card. Logical format uses DOS-FAT format. That is the cylinder head sector paramaters, the main sectors, and partition, etc. SmartMedia also has two types of working voltage that are 3.3 volt and 5 volt. But it doesn't support two types of voltage at the same time.

Current situation
At present, there is no production of new released digital camera adopting SM card. 

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