Friday, April 13, 2012

What is Active partition ?

Active partition is boot partition of computer and boot files of operating system are installed in this partition and it is considered as Disk C in Windows. And in Linux, it depends on specific setting. When system is started, the system in active partition will execute a program named drive mirror, and it distributes drive names to primary partition and logical drive. All primary partitions are mirrored firstly, and the logical drives are appointed with subsequent letters.

When the active partition is damaged, or the original active partition is modified unintentionally (virus or human factors), the operating system can not be started normally. In this occasion, data in current disk is not lost or damaged. All of these are caused by the failure of one active partition, and it is not real meaning of data loss or system damaged seriously. At this time, users need not to worry. And re-installation of operating system or backup recovery software or data recovery software is not needed. What users should do is to recheck boot partition and reset boot partition, and it will work again.

Users can visit MiniTool Partition Wizard Download Center and download MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then install and run it:

The picture shows that Disk C is current boot partition and system partition and Disk F is active partition. It is obviously that the error of active partition causes the failure of normal start of operating system. And MiniTool Partition Wizard is needed to readjust the partition. Firstly, chose Disk F. Then click menu bar "Partition- Modify-Set Inactive":
Now the partition type is inactive partition:

Then chose Disk C and click menu bar "Partition- Modify-Set Inactive":

Then the active partition is marked in the correct disk partition. And users just need to restart the operating system by using the current disk with active partition. Most time, the computer only has one disk or it is a laptop, the present disk with problems can not be removed or connected to other computers or operating systems, which cause the failure in installation of MiniTool Partition Wizard of Windows editions. As these problems are considered, MiniTool develops the corresponding software edition: MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Flash Drive and MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD. This edition can start without adhereing to the operating system. And it has the same functions as MiniTool Partition Wizard of Windows edition. And users need not to worry that MiniTool Partition Wizard can not be applied because of damages of operating system. If more help are needed, please visit MiniTool Partition Wizard Support Center.

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