Friday, April 27, 2012

What is Boot partition?

Boot partition has already been set in a disk. If Disk C is boot partition and system partition is installed in Disk D, Disk C and D are both considered as system partition in XP. If system is installed in an independent partition (boot partition as well), this system will be boot system and other system partitions do not work.

Actually, boot partition is a partition where Windows is installed and it contains a Windows directory (the directory of Windows 2000 is WINNT). Same as system partition, boot partition can not be formatted in Windows. Usually, system partition and boot partition are in the same partition (Disk C). If multiple systems are installed, boot partition depends on the partition in which Windows is installed.

Boot Partition and System Partition Not in the Same Partition
System partition and boot partition are names of partition or volumes used in enablement of Windows. Only multiple operating systems (configuration of dual guidance or multiple guidance) are installed in computer, can these terms be very important.
System partition contains files related to hardware. And these files will lead the computer to start Windows. Boot partition contains Windows operating system files that are located in Windows folders. There are multiple boot partitions in computer of multiple guidance. Another term active partition describes the system partition (operating system) for enablement of computer. In the new type operating system Windows 7, boot partition and system partition are separated. The partition structure of Windows 7 is shown in the following picture:

The picture shows clearly that boot partition and system partition are separated in Windows7. It is not like that they are both located in the same partition in Windows XP or Windows 2000. So the line that boot partition and system partition are both in the same partition is not applied. Windows 7 (called Blackcomb and Windows "Vienna" before) is a code name for the future Windows editions. It was published in February, 2000. After that this project is postponed and re-scheduled. The unique partition structure of Windows 7 reliably guarantees the safety and performance stability of operating system. If users are not used to this partition, this boot partition can be marked with corresponding letter, even it can be combined with system partition. Thus, the partition structure of disk in Windows XP can be obtained. The professional partition software MiniTool Partition Wizard can handle all of those for users with its powerful functions. It can adjust the sizes of partitions, remove, transfer, combine, delete and recover partitions. It supports almost all Windows and Linuxboperating systems. In addition, it is free for individual and family users. It also provides help files of voice and video. Even it is the first time for users to use this software; the users can make it by using help files.

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