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Advantages& disadvantages of Windows Vista and each versions of Vista

 Windows Vista is a version of Windows operating system. Microsoft has publicized this name in July 22, 2005. The development code is Longhom. The internal version is 6.0 (Window NT6.0), and the formal version Build is 6.0.6000. In November 8, 2006, Windows Vista has finished the development and is put into volume production. The following two months, it is only provided for the MSDN users, computer hard ans software producers and enterprises. In January 30, 2007, it is officially sold to the common consumers. It also can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. It has been 5 years since Windows XP and that is the longest interval in Windows history. 

Introduction of versions
Windows Vista has these following versions:
Windows Vista Starter
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Starter
Windows Vista Starter is designed for the adults and children of developing technology market to get more precious chance of studying computer. With the opportunity of globally narrowing digital gaps, Windows Vista Starter has become the most economic version of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic is the version for the families that have the basic computer requirements. If you only need a PC to browsing Internet, using E-mail, or seeing photos, etc, Windows Vista Home Basic is the best choice of you. Although it has not that much benefit of Windows Vista Home Premium, compared to Windows XP, it helps you to use PC easier and safer.

Windows Vista Home Premium
Winodws Vista Home Premium provides all the functions of HB. It also provides more high level functions for higher requirements users, such as it supports HDTV and DVD shooting, higher level games, mobile phones and Tablet PC, etc. This version is similar to the Windows XP Media Center Edition. 

Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business is similar to Windows XP Professinal Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. It is designed for business users. This version provides all the functions of Windows Vista Home Premium except Windows Media Center, parents' supervision, Windows DVD Maker and Movie Maker HD (only Windows Movie Maker with basic film making function), etc.

Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Enterpeises is for the enterprises market. It is the super integrate of business versions. It has more high level business functions like multilingual UI, BitLocker hardware encryption, support for Virtual PC and UNIX procedure. This version is not sold through retailers or OEM but the Microsoft software assurance agreement (OEM).

Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Ultimate is the super version that integrates all the functions of Windows Vista versions. This is for the high level PC users, game players and computer professionals. It provides game performance adjustment process WinSAT and Ultimate Extras. Microsoft will produce more Ultimate Extras foe users after the release of Windows Vista in January 30.
Windows Vista Discussion
The judgement of Vista is always controversial. The users have formed Supporting-V and Anti-V two teams. Each of them quarrels all the time. With time pass by, especially after the Service Pack1, Vista has no longer that many problems as the beginning. It is not proper to say who is right or wrong, the Vista is different now.
The problems of early version have been settled:
1. Bad compatibility
2. Resource Consumption
3. Useless UAC
4. Vista is the transition production. Microsoft is eager to develop Window7
5. Low operating speed
6. High requirement of hardware
To sum up, the misunderstanding of Vista is mainly because of the advertising before Vista is released and the various disadvantages of early versions of Vista. Users see a failed Vista in 2007 and who is willing to continue care about a system with a bad first impression?
Partition magic
MiniTool Partition Wizard is professional partition magic. Even Windows Vista have let the users down, MiniTool Partition Wizard still supports Vista and runs perfectly on it. No matter on which version of Vista MiniTool Partition Wizard can do perfect job to resize, convert, format, and back up the partition. It won't get in any troubles because of different versions.

RTM version is released to MSDN and enterprises users (2006.11)
RTM version is officially released (2007.01)
Service Pack 1 is released (2008.04)
Service Pack 2 is released (2009.07)
Stop to provide technical support for RTM (2010.04)
Service Pack 3 is released (2010.10)
Stop to provide technical support for Service Pack1 (2011.07)
Stop to provide the main technology (2012)
Stop to provide extended technology (2017.04)
With the release of Windows 7, Vista has lost its competitive advantage. All the new products are equipped with Win7. Vista is going out. However you cannot deny that Vista is a revolution of Windows. It is 6 years after WindowsXP. The innovation is beyond our imagination. With the development of computer software, Vista is being accepted by users. Although XP is still being used by enterprises, and personal, one day Vista or higher level system will replace the leading role of XP. 

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