Saturday, May 12, 2012

Attention! Free data recovery programs are recommended to free recover lost data!

Since data loss becomes more and more serious, the problem how to recover lost data from computer becomes a headache for many users. As we know, most computer users are unfamiliar with data recovery, so they have to resort to professional data recovery companies when important data are lost. Nevertheless, data recovery companies often charge high data recovery fees rather than free data recovery service for they also need to resort to professional data recovery tools. So, many users turn to free data recovery programs, considering expense. Generally, there are 2 kinds of free data recovery programs:

1. Hexadecimal editor: hexadecimal editor is the earliest free data recovery program, but this program has pretty complex operations, and a light mistake may result in data recovery failure, increasing difficulty in free data recovery.

2. Professional free data recovery programs: the above interface shows us an outstanding performer among so many professional free data recovery programs, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Compared with other free data recovery programs, this free data recovery program has simpler operations and higher success rate. So, we can accomplish free file recovery without knowing data recovery knowledge.

After getting a basic understanding to the 2 kinds of free data recovery programs, all of you must want to know how to free recover lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Now, let me demonstrate deleted data recovery.

Free recover deleted data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
If we want to recover deleted data by using this free data recovery program, we should visit the official website to download it and install it to the computer at first. Then, run it to enter its main interface and select "Undelete Recovery" module to free recover deleted data:

Next, select the partition storing deleted data and click "Recover" button to scan the selected partition: 

In the interface, we can free recover deleted data. Check data which need recovering and click "Save Files" to save these data to a safe place according to prompts. After that, deleted data recovery is finished thoroughly. 

This is the whole process of deleted data recovery. If you want to recover data lost due to other factors with this free data recovery program, welcome to its official website to get related information.

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