Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best and free Windows 7 disk data recovery

Most users feel helpless when facing commonly seen data loss problem. Especially for Windows 7 users, they are more helpless, for numerous kinds of data recovery software is incompatible with Windows 7. So it is difficult to use data recovery software to recover lost data for Windows 7. To change this situation, MiniTool Solution Ltd. releases a piece of data recovery software which can realize Windows 7 disk data recovery perfectly after researching data recovery technology unceasingly, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It not only can recover lost data caused by almost all soft damages such as accidental deletion, logical partition damage, and partition formatting but is easy to use. As long as we operate according to detailed prompts, we can recover lost data quickly. More excitingly, MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers free data recovery service, saving much recovery fees. Therefore, when data loss emerges, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is your best choice.

When can't data be recovered?
Although data recovery software can help us solve many data loss problems, it does not function in some situations. First, if data loss is caused by physical damage, this data recovery software can not work. If physical damage is not serious, data recovery companies can help recover lost data. But if storage device is damaged seriously, even professional data recovery companies can not ensure they can recover lost data successfully. Moreover, if lost data are overwritten, data recovery software also does not function. As is well known, once data are overwritten, data will be lost permanently. So when data loss happens, we should stop writing in new data to avoid overwriting lost data.

Next, let's see how perfect the data recovery effect of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is. Here, we take recovering deleted data in Windows 7 for example.

Recover deleted disk data in Windows 7 by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
First of all, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery from the website Then, install and run it:

From the above main interface, we can intuitively see data recovery modules of the data recovery software. Select the functional module "Undelete Recovery" which is specially developed to recover deleted disk data.

Then, select the partition where deleted data were originally stored and click "Recover" button to look for lost files.

After the data recovery software finishes finding lost data, please check files needing to be recovered and click "Save Files" to end Windows 7 disk data recovery.

Through several simple steps, we are successful to recover deleted disk data in Windows 7. Thus it can be seen, it is easy to operate this data recovery software. If you want to know other data recovery modules in detail, its official website is a good place. Besides, demo videos are provided there.

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