Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best free file recovery software

As data recovery technology develops continuously, users can find much file recovery software on the software market. However, most of them have a functional defect that they only can recover files lost because of mistaken deletion or partition formatting. As to serious data loss situations, this kind of file recovery software does not function. For example, when data loss is caused by partition loss resulting from virus attack or mistaken deletion, this kind of file recovery software can not recover lost files. Therefore, although there is much file recovery software on the market, the file recovery software which has comprehensive data recovery competence is so limited. Moreover, some excellent file recovery software can not be used until users pay for it, so it is more difficult for common users to find a piece of high- efficiency and free file recovery software, and some users have to turn to professional file recovery companies which charge high recovery fees. But the situation has changed since MiniTool Power Data Recovery was released by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. It is a free file recovery software and has comprehensive file recovery competence. So when file loss emerges, MiniTool Power Data Recovery becomes the best choice for file recovery. Now, let me demonstrate how to recover files from deleted partition in detail.

Recover files from deleted partition by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
In order to eliminate any doubts, here, let's construct a file loss situation at first. We delete J: partition on Disk 0 with system built-in disk management tool.
Then, run this free file recovery software to recover files from deleted partition.

Next, select the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery" which is specially designed to recover files from lost partition. 

After entering this module, the free file recovery software will scan recently deleted partitions quickly. After the scan is finished, the above interface will appear. Partitions in red are recently deleted partitions. If the partition storing desired files is found, we select it and click "Recover" to scan lost files. If we do not find needed partition, we should select the disk where partition loss emerges and click "Recover" button to look for deleted partition. Here, we have found desired partition, so we click "Recover", and then we can view files stored on the partition.

Files without any marks are these files stored on the partition when the partition was lost. At this time, we need to select the files which need recovering. Then, click "Save Files" to recover files from deleted partition.

Through such easy operations, we are successful to recover files from deleted partition. It is magical, isn't it? Of course, other functional modules are also magical. Well then, do you want to own this magical free file recovery software now? Hurry to download it from the official website www.powerdatarecovery.com.

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