Monday, May 28, 2012

Can you accomplish free picture recovery from hard drive?

As digital imaging technology becomes more and more mature, digital camera has replaced traditional camera gradually and becomes the first choice for shutterbugs. As the product of digital camera, digital picture is easy to store and convenient to use, which is also an important factor for many users to select digital camera. Nevertheless, since the storage capacity of digital camera is limited, users often transfer digital pictures to hard disk so as to release enough space to store new digital pictures. This is a good idea, but the probability of picture loss increases correspondingly. If digital pictures stored on hard drive are lost by accident, what should we do? Actually, there is no need to quite worry about digital picture loss. As long as we master an effective data recovery method, we can recover lost pictures completely. For common users, the best choice is to perform free picture recovery from hard drive.

Free picture recovery software for hard drive
Users who have a basic understanding to data recovery technology may know pictures lost due to commonly seen logical hard drive failures do not disappear from hard drive immediately, and only the operating system is unable to find and display these pictures because of various kinds of reasons. To find and recover lost pictures, we need to employ some special technologies, and free picture recovery software for hard drive is the very software offering these technologies. Currently, there is much free picture recovery software for hard drive, but software developed by different developers has different quality. In order to avoid losses brought by the software which has defects, I suggest using MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Powerful picture recovery expert - MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This picture recovery software has quite powerful picture recovery competence. Here, we take practical operations for example to make users understand this software more intuitively.
Firstly, open this free picture recovery software to enter its main interface:

We are going to recover lost pictures, so we choose the functional module "Digital Media Recovery" to get the following interface: 

Select the partition which stores lost pictures and click "Full Scan" to scan the selected partition. After the scan, the following interface appears: 

Now, we can see this picture recovery software for hard drive displays all digital media files. In order to find desired pictures exactly and quickly, this software offers users preview function. Then, check pictures which need recovering and click "Save Files" button to save these files. Then, free picture recovery from hard drive is finished thoroughly. 

Are your digital pictures stored on hard drive lost? Do you want to free recover lost pictures from hard drive? If your answer is yes, well, hurry to visit the official website to download the free picture recovery software for hard drive MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, free picture recovery from hard drive can be realized easily, conveniently and safely.

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