Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Data recovery freeware recovers lost data in various situations

Computer users always pay much attention to computer data security, and many of them have taken various measures, such as renew operating system, install antivirus software, and back up important data. But in the process of using computer, users still meet data loss unconsciously. When important data loss happens, many users have to ask professionals for help since they do not have knowledge of data recovery. Of course, recovery fees are so high, so many common users can not afford them. Therefore, data recovery freeware becomes the best choice. However, it is not easy to find an excellent data recovery freeware to recover lost data. Although there is much data recovery freeware on the market, most of them have functional defects. If you select inferior data recovery freeware unluckily, they may bring you greater data disaster, let alone recover lost data. For sake of data security, I suggested using MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is developed by well known software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd..

Can MiniTool Power Data Recovery recover lost data?
Maybe, some users are doubtful about this data recovery freeware. They think it may have functional defects since it is free. Actually, there is no need to doubt this data recovery freeware. The main purpose on developing this data recovery freeware is to help more common computer users solve data loss problems. Its powerful functions are obvious to all. It not only can run under various commonly seen Windows operating systems perfectly but can help users recover lost data from multiple storage devices in various situations. Here, we take recovering lost important data for example to show its functions and operability.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery simplifies data recovery work
If we want to use this data recovery freeware to recover lost data from lost partition, we should own it at first. Please visit its official website http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ to download and install it. Then, run it:

Here, we can see 5 independent data recovery modules. As long as we select corresponding module according to practical data loss situation, data recovery speed and success rate can be enhanced to a certain extent. We are going to recover lost data from lost partition, so we choose "Lost Partition Recovery" module.

Select the disk where partition loss happens and click "Recover" button to quickly scan the selected disk. 

This interface shows the data recovery freeware is scanning lost partitions. Please wait patiently. After the scan is finished, we will see the following interface:

Select the partition where data recovery will be performed and click "Show Files" button to display all data. 

Check data needing to be recovered and click "Save Files" to save these recovered data to an appointed safe place. Then, data recovery work is finished.

Maybe, users who are much familiar with data recovery software know the vast majority of data recovery freeware is unable to recover lost data from lost partition. Thus it can be seen, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery freeware although it is free for home and individual users. If you want to get more details of this data recovery freeware, please visit its official website.

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