Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Data recovery program, reduce losses caused by data loss disaster

In this world where data is priceless, losses resulting from data loss disaster are immeasurable. Sine there are so many factors which can lead to data loss, users may meet data loss disaster unwittingly, which is unable to avoid. Now that it is difficult to avoid data loss disaster, the only thing we can do is minimize losses by using various methods after data loss. And the best method is to perform data recovery operation. Talking about data recovery, most users will think of 2 solutions, namely resorting to professional data recovery companies and using data recovery program. Indeed, these 2 methods are commonly seen and effective. However, as data recovery field start late and data recovery equipment is expensive, most professional data recovery companies charge high recovery fees. For most common users, they can not afford it. Therefore, when data loss disaster happens, most users choose the second solution.

Nevertheless, as most users are not very familiar with data recovery program, they are easy to download software which has potential safety hazard and functional defects. This kind of data recovery program may cause more data to be lost, let alone recover lost data. In order to avoid this situation, users are suggested to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is developed by famed software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. This data recovery program is powerful and has extremely high security. With it, we can recover lost data caused by multiple kinds of soft damage. In addition, this data recovery program is compatible with most operating systems and can run under common Windows operating systems and Server operating systems. Of course, pure introduction does not have much persuasion, so let's demonstrate how to recover deleted Windows 7 data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover deleted Windows 7 data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
At first, please visit to download this data recovery program. Then, install and launch it:

This is the friendly main interface of the data recovery program. It shows us data recovery modules, and users can select suitable one according to data loss situations. Here, we will recover deleted Windows 7 data, so we click "Undelete Recovery" module.

Next, select the partition where deleted data were stored and click "Recover" button to scan lost data. 

After the software finishes scan, we can see numerous lost data. At this time, please check desired data and click "Save Files" button to save these data. After that, we are successful to recover deleted Windows 7 data.

This is the whole process of recovering deleted Windows 7 data by using the functional module "Undelete Recovery", which is quite easy and convenient. Of course, its other functions are also easy to realize. If you want to know more details of this data recovery program, you can visit its official website.

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