Monday, May 21, 2012

The data recovery software which is more powerful than Phoenix data recovery

It is believed that no computer user is willing to see data loss. But in this information age, there are so many factors which threaten data security, so data loss happens frequently. For example, mistaken deletion, accidental partition formatting, or virus attack also can result in data loss. Facing data loss, many users may think of Stellar phoenix data recovery. Indeed, Stellar phoenix data recovery is a piece of good data recovery software, and it can help users recover data lost due to mistaken deletion, partition formatting, system failure, application program fault, or virus attack. But under serious data loss situations like partition damage or partition loss, it is troublesome to perform data recovery with Stellar phoenix data recovery, for it is unable to scan a single partition unless we scan media files like pictures and music. Therefore, we have to perform full disk scan if we want to recover other types of files, which costs much time and waste much energy. But the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is different from Stellar phoenix data recovery. It offers users different data recovery modules aiming at different situations. Besides, it is able to scan a single partition no matter what formats of files you want to recover. Therefore, recovery speed is promoted largely. Next, let's see how MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps us recover data from lost partition in detail.

Data recovery modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
At first, please visit to download this data recovery software. After installing and running it, we will see its friendly main interface:

In the main interface, we can see its 5 functional modules clearly. To recover data from lost partition, we select "Lost Partition Recovery" module. 

Then, we can see all disks of the computer. Besides, partitions whose partition modes are red are recently deleted partitions. If we find desired partition, we just need to select the partition and click "Recover" button to scan lost data. If we do not find desired partition, we should select the disk where the lost partition is and click "Recover" to scan lost partition. Then, click "Show Files" to view files.

Next, we may see 3 modes of files. Files marked with red question mark are lost files; files marked with red crosses are deleted files; files without any mark are existing files before partition loss. Select files which need recovering and click "Save Files" button to recover these files.

Through the above specific operations, I believe all of you are more familiar with the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you want to know other modules, you can visit its official website. 

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