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Features of Windows 7 and Versions of windows 7

Windows 7 is a revolutionary operating system developed by Microsoft. It aims at making the daily computer operation faster and simpler, providing a high effective working environment for users. To keep the attention of users on the Vista, Microsoft has not revealed much information about the next generation Windows at the beginning. On the other hand, the restructured Windows department needs reorganization. Until April 21, 2009, the preview version is released; Microsoft has started the advertising of this new system. July 14, 2009, Windows 7 7600.16385 is finished developing. That is the symbol of three years' development of Windows7 has accomplished.
Test History:

 2007.12.20: windows 7 Milestone1(build 6519.1)
  2008.12.12: windows 7 beta(build7000)
  2009.04.09: windows 7 Preview Release To Manufacture 1(build7106)
  2009.04.21: windows 7 Release Candidate 1(build7100)
  2009.05. 07: windows 7 Preview Release To Manufacture 2(build 7127)
  2009.05.29: windows 7 Release Candidate 2 (build7200)
  2009.06. 08: windows 7 build 7231
  2009.06.18: windows 7 build 7260
  2009.06.22: windows 7 build 7264
2009.07.14: windows 7 Release To Manufacture (build 7600.16385)

Version Note:
Milestone: New Technique Preview Edition
Beta: Software Evaluation Edtion (send feedback information link)
Preview Release to Manufacture: Manufactures Preview Edition is released. It is finished before "Release Candidate"
Release Candidate (RC): Release Candidate Edition is released.
Release to Manufacture (RTM): Manufacture Edition is released.
The Formal Edition is released in October 22, 2009 in America, and October 23, 2009, in China.

Windows 7 Starter

It can join in the Home Group. There are pretty much changes of taskbar. It also has the Jump Lists menu, but no Aero. The missing functions: AeroGlass; found a HomeGroup; the whole shifting function.
Range: it is only released to the emerging market (among the developed countries only in Australia there are some Netbook has preassembled this version). It is only installed on some certain machines of OEM and limited by some special hardware. It ignores background applications but once the backup applications are opened the background application will be triggered. 

Windows 7 Home Basic
The main new features are unlimited applications, true time thumbnail preview, enhanced vision experience (still no Aero), high-level network support (ad-hoc wireless network and Internet link support ICS), Mobility Center.
The missing functions: AeroGlass, Internet link sharing, application theme.
Range: it is only released to the emerging market (not including America, west Europe, Japan and other developed countries).

Windows 7 Home Premium
It supports Aero Glass interface, high level navigator view, improved media forms support, media center and meida stream enhancement (including Play to), multi-touch, better handwriting recognization.
Functions: AeroGlass, multi-touch, multi media (play movies and recording DVD), found a Home Group.
Range: global.

Windows 7 Professional
The Business Edition that replaced Vista. It supports Domain Join, data protection for high-level network backups, location perception printing technology (it can choose the suitable printer on the home or office network).
Functions: enhanced network (such as Domain Join), high-level backup, location perception printing, off-line folder, mobility center, presentation mode.
Range: global.

Windows 7 Enterprise
It provides a series of enterprise level improved functions: BitLocker: the internal and external driver data protection; AppLocker: lock the unauthorized softwares; DirectAccess: seamless connection based on Windows Server 2008 R2 of enterprise network; BranchCache: Windows Server 2008 R2 network cache.
Functions: Branch cache, Direct Access, BitLocker, AppLocker, Virtualization Enhancements, Management, Acompatibility and Deployment, VHD guide.
Range: only volume license.

Windows 7 Ultimate
It has all the functions of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. Of course the requirement for hardware is the highest.
Functions: all the functions.
Range: global.

Windows 7 Ballmer Signature Edition
The content is the same with Windows 7 Ultimate. It is the limited presenter of Windows 7 Party.

Windows 7 SP1
It is going to be released in March. Microsoft has released the Windows 7 SP1 Beta Edition. It is said SP1 will change a version number in two days. RTM Edition will be on sell from November. SP1 will include more than 150 patches.

The design of Windows 7 is mainly with 5 points: the unique design for Notebook; the design for application service; the individuation of users; optimization of audio visual entertainment; new engine for the easy use of users.
Lower cost
Better connection
Windows7 is the " small update but big revolution" of Vista
Virtual PC
More humanistic UAC (User Account Control)
Touchable Windows
Only basic softwares. Others need to be downloaded.
Gorgeous transparent windows
Easier driver search
Support for non-Microsoft audio forms
Network music
Bluetooth audio
Smart route
Music Wall
Tray notification area

Partition Management Tool
Compared with Vista, Windows7 has been improved from many aspects. On the management of partition, Windows 7 has used a very different way. When installing Windows 7 for the first time, it will keep a 100M disc partition at the front of present disc partition. The function of this partition is to save related information and works as a start partition. At the same time this partition has no drive letters. So is cannot be seen or be modified in the system. this is for protecting the partition from virus or harm and keeping the system safe and stable.
Many partition management tools are not compatible with the unique way of Windows7 partition management. But the professional partition management software MiniTool Partition Wizard can do it. No matter it is Windows7 32-bit or 64-bit system, it can perfectly support. MiniTool Partition Wizard can identify the kept start partition of Win 7, and support this partition combining with system partitions. It won't cause any damage of data or system so that making management more convenient. Please visit for more information.

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