Monday, May 21, 2012

File recovery software free recovers data from lost partition

In the process of using computer, users often meet data loss caused by various factors such as mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, and virus invasion. Among these factors, virus invasion is commonly seen. Why? Let's start from harms brought by computer virus. Generally speaking, harms brought by virus are as follows:
1. Reduce available space.
2. Use invalid instruction series to fight for CPU use ratio with working programs.
3. Damage data information stored in storage devices.
4. Damage various network resources.
5. Bring operating system endless loop or make computer crash or reboot unceasingly.
6. Damage system files.
7. Damage I/O function.
8. Damage partition table.

All above are main harms resulting from virus invasion. From these harms, we can see the third one, the fifth one, the sixth one, and the eighth one will lead to file loss, and data loss resulting from partition table damage is most serious. Once partition table is damaged, this partition will be lost. In other words, files stored on this partition can not be read normally. If we want to read these files normally, the only way is to recover files from lost partition. However, since most users do not understand knowledge of data recovery, they have to resort to professional data recovery companies or professional file recovery software to perform file recovery. Considering recovery cost, I suggest using free file recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery which can help users free recover files within 1GB.

Recover files from lost partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover files from lost partition by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we should visit the official website to download this free file recovery software at first. After installing it to computer, we run it to recover files from lost partition.

This is the main interface of the free file recovery software. To recover files from lost partition, we need to select and click the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery".

Then, we can see all disks. Select the disk where partition loss emerges and click "Recover" button to scan the selected disk. After the scan is finished, we will see the following interface.
Next, many lost partitions are displayed. Select the partition which is most similar to the desired partition and click "Full Scan" to enter the next interface.

Select the partition whose partition state is most similar to that of desired partition and click "Show Files" button.

Here, we can recover files. Check files which need recovering and click "Save Files" to save these recovered files to a safe place. Now, we are successful to recover files from lost partition. 

After seeing the above file recovery demonstration, do you want to use this free file recovery software to recover lost files? If yes, hurry to download it.  

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