Friday, May 18, 2012

Free file recovery software is able to accomplish free file recovery easily and securely

Free file recovery software is a kind of computer software which can offer free file recovery service. Since data loss happens on computer more and more frequently, free file recovery software becomes a requisite utility tool on computer. Free file recovery software always has simple operations and can meet different people's demands. Even if you know nothing about professional knowledge of data recovery, you can accomplish free file recovery easily. Therefore, excellent free file recovery software becomes the first choice for lost file recovery. 

As is well known, there is so much free file recovery software on the current market. However, it is quite difficult to find excellent free file recovery software. That is because the vast majority of free file recovery software has defects. For example, operating interface is unfriendly; there is only 1 recovery function; stability is not good. These defects may result in data recovery failure. More seriously, heavier data loss disaster may happen. Therefore, we should pay much attention to selecting free file recovery software. Considering data security, I recommend a piece of free file recovery software which has simple operations, comprehensive functions, high security, and good reliability. That is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

The requisite file recovery software for free file recovery
Among so much advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, I believe comprehensive function is the biggest feature. These functions can help users recover data lost due to mistaken deletion, partition formatting, logical partition damage, partition loss, and other reasons. Here, let me demonstrate how to recover important data from lost partition.
After running this free file recovery software, we can see its simple and utility main interface, like the following interface shows: 

To recover important data from lost partition, please select the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery": 

Then, select the disk where partition loss emerges and click "Recover" button to scan the disk. After the scan, we will see the following interface:

Next, the free file recovery software will list all lost partitions. Please select the partition where free file recovery will be performed and click "Show Files" button to view all files: 

Select and check important files we are going to recover and click "Save Files" to save these recovered files. After these files are saved to a safe place, free file recovery is finished completely.
As is well known, data recovery from lost partition is difficult to realize in general situations. However, as long as we own the free file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, lost file recovery can be accomplished easily and safely. Thus it can be seen, this free file recovery software is extraordinarily powerful. If you also want to accomplish lost file recovery with free file recovery software, hurry to visit the official website to download this free file recovery software.

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