Friday, May 25, 2012

Free memory card recovery software free recover lost memory card data

Memory card is a kind of quick flash data storage devices and commonly used in electronic products such as digital camera, digital vidicon, PDA, and music player. It is small in size, convenient to take, and easy to use. At the same time, as most memory cards have good compatibility, they can be used to swap data among different digital products. In recent years, with the continuous development of digital products, the capacity of memory card is promoted unceasingly and memory card is popularized quickly. Nowadays, we can see numerous types of memory cards, such as CF, MMC series, and SD series. Here, let me introduce some features of different types of memory cards.

At first, let's talk about CF card. It is one of the memory cards which have a quite long history. Features are as follows: big storage capacity, low costs, good compatibility, and so on. However, it is larger than other memory cards in size. We can divide CF card into 2 models, namely CF I and CF II. Although CF card has a pretty long history, it is still widely used in PDA, notebook computer, digital camera, desktop computer and other devices.

Since CF card is large in size, Infineon and SanDisk jointly released MMC card which is smaller than CF card in 1997, and its specification is 32mm×24mm×1.4mm. Although MMC technology has been replaced by SD technology gradually, MMC card still can be read by the device which is compatible with SD card. Therefore, MMC card is still applied in digital camera, mobile phone (like Siemens MP3 and mobile phone), and some PAD products.

SD series card is one of most widely used memory cards, because there are so many SD series cards, such as SD card, mini SD card, micro SD, and T-Flash. Compared with other types of memory cards, SD card is safer and parts of SD series cards are equipped with write-protect switch. Its specification is quite similar to MMC, so it has replaced MMC gradually.
All above are brief introductions to several different kinds of memory cards. As to other types of memory cards, there is no need to introduce them one by one.

Problems frequently emerging on memory card
As memory card is applied wider and wider, accidents emerging on memory card become more and more, and memory card data loss is commonly seen. When bringing inconvenience, memory card data loss may bring us serious economic losses, too. So, when memory card data loss happens, the best method is to recover memory card data as soon as possible. But for common users, it is not easy to recover memory card data. But now, users do not need to be worried, because MiniTool Solution Ltd. releases a piece of professional data recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Moreover, it is also a piece of free memory card recovery software. Therefore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice for memory card recovery.

From the above main interface of the free memory card recovery software, we can see its data recovery functions clearly. The software divides data recovery functions into different modules, and users can select corresponding module to recover lost data according to different data loss situations. Users can get detailed data recovery operations of the free memory card recovery software by visiting

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