Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to accomplish NTFS data recovery?

NFTS is the most widely used Windows file system, and it is strongly marketed by Microsoft since its release. And many computer users have chosen this file system. In the process of using NTFS, users will find this file system has made great improvement compared with FAT32. In other words, NTFS breaks through the limitation in managing 4GB file and is added with permission allocation in file management and disk quota management function. In addition, if we use NTFS, data recovery software can help us accomplish NTFS data recovery more quickly and conveniently.

Maybe, you are confused by how NTFS facilitates recovering lost data. The reason is quite easy. The MFT of NTFS partition is stored on hard disk as the form of file, so some data recovery software can list out information about NTFS partition according to MFT information after reading MFT information, saving a great deal of time spent in scanning NTFS partition. But it is not easy to find the software which can quickly scan NTFS partition and accomplish NTFS data recovery, because the vast majority of commonly seen data recovery software does not support quickly recovering lost NTFS data. Therefore, the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery developed by well known software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. is suggested.

Recover lost NTFS data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of quite excellent data recovery software, and it can recover data lost from NTFS partition as well as data lost from FAT partition. Furthermore, this data recovery software can 100% recover lost data resulting from soft faults as long as the data are not overwritten. Now, in order to make users get to know this data recovery software more intuitively, let's see how to use it to perform NTFS data recovery.
To recover lost NTFS data, we need to visit the official website to free download this data recovery software at first. Then, install and run it.

This is the main interface of the data recovery software. If we want to recover lost NTFS data, we should select and click the functional module "Damaged Partition Recovery".

Then, we can see all partitions of the computer. Select the NTFS partition where data loss happens and click "Full Scan" button to enter the next interface. 

Here, select the partition whose partition state is most similar to that of lost partition and click "Show Files" button to enter the following interface. 

This is the recovering interface. After entering this interface, please check the NTFS data which need recovering and click "Save Files" to save these data to a secure place according to prompts. Then, NTFS data recovery is accomplished thoroughly.

After seeing this operating demonstration, everybody, I believe, has got a basic understanding to NTFS data recovery with this data recovery software. If you are also a victim of NTFS data loss, hurry to download this data recovery software to quickly and conveniently recover lost NTFS data. 

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