Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to perform Windows Vista file recovery?

Recovering lost file from Windwos Vista is a headache for most Windows Vista users because they are not familiar with Windows Vista operating system. Speaking of Windows Vista file recovery, many Windows Vista users will think of data recovery software. Although there is much data recovery software in the market, most can not run under Windows Vista because of compatibility problem. So many users are forced to resort to professional data recovery companies, but the high fees beat many users. However, after researching on Windows Vista for a long time, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has released the free data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is compatible with Windows Vista, solving the problem for many users.

What kind of Windows Vista file recovery could be realized with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is multifunctional data recovery software. We will introduce what kind of Windows file recovery can be performed with MiniTool Power Data Recovery through its main interface.

The above is the main interface of the free data recovery software. We can see MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover deleted data and recover lost data form damaged partition, formatted partition and lost partition and external storage devices like memory card, memory stick, U disk, CD and DVD, solving almost all data loss problems resulting from soft faults. For users' more intuitive understanding of its functions, we'll demonstrate how to recover lost file from Windows Vista with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover file from lost partition in Windows Vista with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover file from lost partition in Windows, we should firstly visit its official website to download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then launch the free data recovery software. Click "Lost Partition Recovery" and the following interface will be shown.

In this interface, all disks in the computer are shown. Select the one where partition loss occurs and click "Recover". After the software scans the selected disk completely, the following interface will appear.

In this interface, select the partition which is most similar to the lost partition and click "Show Files". Then we'll see the following interface. 

This is data recovery interface. Check the files to be recovered and click "Save Files" to store the recovered files to a safe location according to software prompts. Now, we have finished recovering lost data from lost partition in Windows Vista.

Seeing the operation demonstration, you may know how to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost file in Windows Vista. If you want to know how to recover lost data caused by deletion or partition formatting and other soft faults in Windows Vista, please visit its official website.

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