Saturday, May 12, 2012

If you want to recover deleted data, data recovery software is suggested.

When we neaten files in computer, mistaken deletion often happens. Many users haven't though of data recovery after data are lost, and they just feel sad. For common users, data stored on computer are not very important. But for those users who handle official business with computer, deleted data may be very significant. So, they have to consider deleted data recovery.

Actually, users can recover deleted data easily by themselves instead of resorting to professional data recovery companies which charge so much high data recovery fees. Here, 2 commonly seen methods are provided:
1. Modify registry table to recover deleted data. Users who are familiar with data storage or those people who has strong computer operational competence should know data emptied from Recycle Bin can be recovered through modifying registry table as long as data information is not damaged. However, this method is not suitable for most users.
2. Use data recovery software. It is the most commonly seen method. With the development of software technology, most data recovery software can realize deleted data recovery. As long as we own such a kind of data recovery software, we can recover deleted data much easily.

Features of data recovery software
Data recovery software has many features. As it is designed for common users, we can operate it easily, and no data recovery skills and experience are required. Besides, your operational ability to computer can be enhanced, and data recovery technology will be more familiar to you. In order to make users better understand these features, I will demonstrate how to recover deleted data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover deleted data
Visit to download this data recovery software, and then install and run it:

Next, click "Undelete Recovery" module to recover deleted data: 

Select the partition where deleted data were originally stored and click "Recover" button to scan the selected partition: 

Check files needing to be recovered and click "Save Files" button to save recovered data.
Note: don't store recovered data to the original partition, avoiding data overwriting. 

In such simple steps, we finish deleted data recovery successfully. If you want to know other functional information, please visit other pages of the official website.

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