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Introduction of All Versions of windows 2003

Windows Server 2003 is a kind of server operating system of Microsoft. The original name is Windows .NET Server and then Windows .NET Server 2003 and finally Windows Server 2003. It is released in March 28, 2003. 

Windows Server 2003 is the new generation network and server operating system released by Microsoft in 2003. The system continues using the classical windows interface of Microsoft. It pursues high performance, high reliability, and high security especially for the enterprises applications and Internet applications. Among the enterpeise level systems of Microsoft, as Windows 2000 has inherited the NT technique so the Windows Server 2003 has developed on the base of NT technique with the help of .NET framework. It has condensed the techniques of all the years to realize NET strategy, or you can say that it has built the base of NET strategy.

Introduction of All Versions
Windows Server 2003 has various versions to satisfy different business requirements:
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2003 Data Center Edition

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
The Standard English name: Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
It is used for structuring and saving Web applications, webpages, and XML Web Services. It mainly uses IIS 6.0 Web server and provides rapid development and deployment use of ASP, XML Web Services and applications of NET technique. It supports double CPU and the minimum internal storage is 256MB and maximum 2GB.

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
The Standard English name: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
The selling goal is large and medium enterprises. It supports files and printer sharing, providing secure Internet link and allowing centralized applications deployment. It supports four CPU and the minimum internal storage is 256MB and maximum 4GB.

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
The Standard English name: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
The main differences between Windows Server 2003 EE and Windows Server 2003 SE are that EE supports high performance server and can cluster servers to deal with larger load. Through these functions it realizes the reliability and helps the system to continue working when there are any problems. One system or one partition supports 8 CPU, 8 cluster nodes, and the maximum internal storage it supports is 32GB. 

Windows 2003 sp1

Microsoft released the first Service Pack 1 of Windows Server 2003 in March 30, 2005. This updating provided many similar functions with Windows XP Service Pack 2 for users.

Windows 2003 sp2
Service Pack 2 was released on the first half year of 2007. It included Microsoft control panel 3.0, Windows development service (replaced remote installation service), and support for WPA2, and the improvement aimed at IPSec and system configuration programs.

Windows 2003 R2
R2 is the improved version of Windows Server 2003. It is released in December, 2005. The old version users cannot update it free. However, R2 is all over the market now. The attributes of R2 not only include Win2K3 SP1, but also one piece of CD which includes a lot of new functions.

Partition magic server
At present Windows 2003 is the most popular server operating system. After obsoleting the Windows 2000, more and more enterprises choose Windows 2003. It surpasses Windows 2000 no matter at the performance or functions aspects. With the development of informatization, the disc capacity and disc problems are coming up. It has been 7 years since Windows 2003 was released. During these few years, the capacity of disc has rosen from several hundred GB to dozens of TB. The large amount of data information cannot be saved in such old system. It is necessary to use an effective partition magic server to optimize the disc data of Windows 2003 and at the same time the tool won't cause any break or lost of data. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such software you need. 

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