Monday, May 28, 2012

How to recover picture from Olympus XD picture card

Olympus XD picture card, developed by Olympus Corporation, is a kind of flesh memory card specially used in digital camera. Due to its small size (specification: 200.0*25.0**1.7 mm), XD picture card is usually used in super-mini digital camera including Olympus, Kodak and FujiFilm. In addition, XD picture card is often used in data transmission between digital camera and computer because of its higher transmission speed. However, when storing picture in XD picture card, users always lose sight of the threats to data security, so multitudinous data losses happen in XD picture card frequently. For example, when we connect XD picture card to different computers to transmit data, it may be attacked by viruses because its own security is not as high as computer, thereby leading to picture loss. Facing picture loss in XD picture card, most users can do nothing but endure the suffering silently. Why not perform XD picture card recovery since there is so much data recovery software in the software market? It's a good idea but data recovery software supporting Olympus XD picture card recovery is difficult to find. If we download and use data recovery software optionally, picture recovery from Olympus XD picture card may not be performed and the lost pictures are likely to be damaged or overwritten, which is not expected by every user. In order to avoid that unfavorable situation, it is suggested to use the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., to realize Olympus XD picture card recovery. As professional data recovery software, it is equipped with an independent module earmarked for picture recovery, recovering picture from Olympus XD picture card quickly. Then we'll demonstrate how to recover lost picture from Olympus XD picture card in detail.

Perform Olympus XD picture card recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover picture from XD picture card, we should firstly visit to download and install the professional data recovery software. Then connect Olympus XD card picture to the computer and launch the software. 

In the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can see five function modules. Click "Digital Media Recovery" which is aimed at recovering lost digital media files.

In this interface, all partitions in the computer are shown. Select the one that stands for XD picture card and click "Full Scan" to scan the lost files. 

After the scan is finished, many pictures are shown. Check the ones to be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them.

Those above are detailed procedures about recovering picture from XD picture card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is so simple. It should be noticed that when picture loss occurs, we must not write data to XD picture card, or the lost pictures may be overwritten and they can not be recovered.

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  1. I am using Olympus XD picture card in my Kodak camera. Once due to abruptly removal of card without switching off camera card get corrupt and previews error message. I thought I lost all my precious photos which were stored in it. But very soon I sorted out this problem by using Olympus XD picture card data recovery software. I you are also facing the same problem then you can use its free trial version and preview recovery results on XD card.

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