Thursday, June 7, 2012

The best file recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery

In daily computer use, what users are most afraid of is sudden data loss in computer disk. Accidental deletion and formatting, virus infection and malicious attacks are threatening computer files all the time. Hence, how to protect computer files becomes a hot topic. In the light of potential threats, users take advantage of Firewall, anti-virus software and various kinds of file backup software to prevent data loss, but those precautionary measures are far less than enough. After data loss occurs, we also need file recovery freeware to recover lost data. However, it is not easy to find ideal file recovery software, because we need to consider software price, functions and success rate of data recovery and so on, which is so complicated. For the sake of convenience, the file recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery, released by the renowned software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., is suggested. The free data recovery software possesses several features.

1. Low cost: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is of low cost and it helps users recover 1GB lost files for free.
2. Comprehensive functions: with comprehensive functions, it is able to recover lost files due to accidental deletion and formatting and recover lost files from lost partition and logically damaged partition.
3. Super-high success rate: MiniTool Power Data Recovery can guarantee high success rate. If the lost data are not overwritten, almost all data lost because of soft faults can be recovered easily.

Those above are parts of the features of the file recovery freeware. For users' in-depth understanding, we'll introduce its functions briefly.

Function modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery 

The above picture is the main interface of the file recovery freeware, from which we can see five different function modules are provided, including:
"Undelete Recovery": used to recover deleted data for users.
"Damaged Partition Recovery": used to recover lost files caused by formatting partition and logical damage to partition.
"Lost Partition Recovery": recovering lost files from lost partition.
"Digital Media Recovery": earmarked for recovering digital media files or data recovery from external storage devices.
"CD/DVD Recovery": aimed at recovering lost files from optical storage medium like CD and DVD.

Those above are only brief introduction to the file recovery freeware. For further understanding, please visit the official website  

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