Friday, June 15, 2012

The category of DVD

1. Category by Format
There are mainly six formats, of which, they have format book:
1) Book A DVD-ROM has the functions like CD-ROM;
2) Book B DVD-Video has the functions like LD or Video CD;
3) Book C DVD-Audio has the functions like CD;
4) Book D DVD-R has the functions like CD-R;
5) Book E DVD-RAM
6) Book F DVD-RW has the functions like CD-RW

The logo of DVD is like below:

Tip: Now there are two kinds of use of the structure of recordable DVD disc CD-ROM: DVD + R and DVD + RW, which is DVD format developed by the League.

2. Category by Size
At present, DVD has two sizes: 120mm and 80mm.

3. Category by Burning Methods
There are pre-record and recordable DVD, of the two kinds, the recordable discs is divided into write once, write and erase repeatedly.

4. Category by Record Layer
There are five types of DVD
a) Single side, single layer DVD-5
b) Single side, double layers DVD-9
c) Double layers, single layer DVD-10
d) Double sides, double layers DVD-18
e) Double sides, mixed layers DVD-14 which is the disc formed by joint the single record side with the double record side.

The following is a list of different DVD and CD-ROM

Category O.D DISK TYPE Capacity (GB)
prerecorded DVD 120mm  DVD-5  single side, single layer 4.70
 DVD-9  single side, double layer 8.54
 DVD-10 double side, single layer 9.40
 DVD-14 double side, mixed layer 13.24
 DVD-18 double side, double layer 17.08
80mm  DVD1 single side, single layer 1.46
 DVD2 single side, double layer 2.66
 DVD3 double side, single layer 2.92
 DVD4 double side, double layer 5.32
Recordable DVD 120mm  DVD-R V1.0 single side, single layer 3.95
 DVD-R V2.0 single side, single layer /double side single layer 4.70/9.40
 DVD-RW V2.0 single side, single layer /double side single layer 4.70/9.40
 DVD-RAM V1.0 single side, single layer 2.58
 DVD-RAM V1.0 double side, single layer 5.16
 DVD-RAM V2.0 single side, single layer 4.70
 DVD-RAM V2.0 double side, single layer 9.40
80mm  DVD-R V1.0 single side, single layer 1.2
 DVD-RAM V1.0 single side, single layer 0.7
 DVD-RAM V2.0 double side, single layer 1.46
CD - ROM 120mm  CD-ROM 0.650
80mm  CD-ROM 0.194

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