Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Excellent free data recovery tool and recommending reasons

Generally, when we operate data stored on computer, accidents may happen, like mistaken deletion, mistaken formatting, logical partition damage, partition loss, and virus attack. Under these situations, data are easy to lose, bringing negative effects to work, life and even mood. Actually, we can recover lost data by using free data recovery tool like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

With the development of computer technology and the increase of demands for data recovery, data recovery industry is so developed, and many software development companies have developed their own data recovery tools. So, users can find desired data recovery tool on the internet. However, facing so many data recovery tools whose quality is different from each other, what should we care about? Firstly, the data recovery tool we select should have good reliability. The quality of data recovery tool directly determines whether lost data can be recovered successfully or not. If we use unreliable data recovery tool, accidents may emerge. For example, scanning suspends suddenly or the tool runs unstably. This kind of data recovery tools may cause lost data to be damaged for the second time. Secondly, we should care about usability. If operating interface is so complex or so simple, the difficulty in using data recovery tool will be increased to a certain extent. The data recovery tool which has concise interface and easy operations can enhance data recovery efficiency largely. At last, function and utility are also very important.
Considering these factors, I strongly recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery whose features are as follows:
1. Reliable and safe: It is a kind of read-only software, so it will not damage lost data for the second time and can work stably.
2. Good usability: the operating interface of this free data recovery tool is concise but not crude, and users only need to click mouse simply. In addition, all functions are displayed as the form of icon, quite intuitive.
3. Powerful and practical data recovery functions: It divides data recovery functions into 5 different functional modules which can meet different demands for data recovery.
Users can efficiently recover lost data as long as they adopt this free data recovery tool. All of you can act as magician to perform data recovery.

Recover lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To use this free data recovery tool, we should download it from http://www.powerdatarecovery.com at first. Then, install it to the partition where no operation will be performed, and then run it to recover lost data: 

"Undelete Recovery" module supports deleted data recovery.
"Damaged Partition Recovery" module helps users recover lost data from formatted partition or logically damaged partition.
"Lost Partition Recovery" supports data recovery from deleted partition or lost partition.
"Digital Media Recovery" supports digital media file recovery.
"CD/DVD Recovery" recovers lost data from CD/DVD.
You must be interested in this free data recovery tool after seeing the above introduction, I believe. Compared with other similar products, this free data recovery tool has its unique feature in function and interface. Hurry to download it. What the free data recovery tool recovers are not only data but also mood.

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