Thursday, June 28, 2012

Functions of DVD-Video

Compared with VCD, DVD-Video has a much larger capacity and other functions like below:

1. Multi-scenario:
DVD discs can store the process of development of several stories and ends. While the related scenario is being played, users can change the trends of story by remote controller.

2. Multi-language: DVD discs can be set with audio with 8 languages; the following is the symbol for audio with three languages.

3. Multi-subtitle: DVD discs can be set with at most 32 subtitles, the following is the one set with three subtitles.

4. Parent Lock: This function can shield the plot and scenes not suitable for children.

5. Multi-angle: Up to 9 angles. The figure is a 3 angle identification:

6. Copyright protection: Set with the region code and copy protection measures, the effective protection of copyright (for details see the next chapter).

7. To provide high-quality 4:3 or 16:9 video image, and can coupled with multi-channel Audio. 

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