Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to select data recovery software?

As the most widely used operating system, Windows operating system also brings disadvantages when bringing advantages. As we know, most computer attacks aim at profits. Since Windows enjoys 90% market share, it is undoubtedly hackers' best target, which makes Windows operating system suffer various kinds of virus attacks. And these attacks often cause Windows files to be lost. When Windows file loss emerges, the only feasible method is to do Windows file recovery. There are 2 commonly used methods for Windows file recovery: the first one, resort to professional data recovery companies to recover lost Windows files; the second one, turn to data recovery software. Professional data recovery companies have higher recovery speed and success rate than data recovery software, but they often charge high recovery fees. Therefore, many users' first choice for Windows file recovery is data recovery software.

How to select data recovery software?
Currently, there is much data recovery software on the market, but they have different quality. Inferior data recovery software may result in Windows file recovery failure as well as cause data to be lost permanently, so we should be cautious when selecting data recovery software. Firstly, excellent data recovery software must have good compatibility.

Secondly, excellent data recovery software should be able to recover data in different file systems.

At last, excellent data recovery software should be capable of recovering data lost because of different factors. At the same time, it should have the competence of recovering data from different storage devices.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. is just such a kind of data recovery software. I believe it will become your best choice for Windows file recovery. It not only supports almost all Windows operating systems but can be compatible with commonly seen file systems perfectly like NTFS, FAT32, and HFS+. 

From the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can see this data recovery software provides users with different data recovery modules according to corresponding situations. And we can select the most suitable module to recover lost Windows file, which can improve recovery speed and success rate largely.

Tips on using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Although MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a quite excellent data recovery software, to enhance success rate, we should pay attention to some details.
Any file recovery tool should be on certain condition when it is used to perform Windows file recovery, so MiniTool Power Data Recovery is not an exception. Here, there is a need for you to know something about data recovery principle. After you delete a file, actually, it is not eliminated from disk thoroughly. Windows just marks a deletion mark on deleted file, which makes operating system unable to find this file. Then, the operating system judged the file deleted. MiniTool Power Data Recovery bypasses operating system's addressing mode and can help you find and recover deleted data. But if you go on writing data in the partition where deleting operation is performed, deleted data are likely to be overwritten by new data. At this time, even excellent data recovery software can not recover deleted data. Therefore, when we find important data are deleted, we should stop writing in data. When we save recovered files, we also should be cautious.

We had better not store recovered data to original partition. Otherwise, recovered data may be overwritten, too. Simply speaking, we may fail to recover lost Windows files or can not recover them completely. 

As a piece of professional data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has powerful functions. If you encounter Windows file loss, try free downloading this data recovery software from its official website to perform Windows file recovery.

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