Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MiniTool Power Data Recovery realizes file recovery in Windows XP

As the most classical operating system of Microsoft, Windows XP has experienced 11 years since its release. Till now, it still occupies a large part of operating system market. As the most widely used operating system on PC, Windows XP suffers a lot from file loss problems. Windows XP users often encounter file loss caused by accidental operation and virus or hacker attack. In fact, when encountering data loss in Windows XP, you needn't worry at all. We can resort to file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to realize Windows XP file recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery – the most helpful assistant of file recovery
Under Windows XP environment, file loss can be caused by various reasons. But these reasons have generally the same principle. Accidental operation or virus and hacker attack don't really delete files thoroughly. It is because files saved in Windows XP hard drive are divided into two parts: file head and data saved in data area. File head is used to record file name, properties, and cluster number, etc. It is mainly saved in FAT. Real data of the file is saved in data area. When file loss happens in Windows XP, it is only because file head is modified, and it reflects in FAT, meaning this file is deleted. Actually, the body of this file is still in hard drive. Because of this principle, we can completely recover this file. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice for you to solve this problem. Its efficient functions to help uses recover various lost files, brief interfaces, easy-to-use operating methods, and secure as well fast data recovery performance attract many users.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery – the truly excellent data recovery software
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., being of great data recovery performance and simple operation methods. Even you have never known about data recovery, you can easily realize data recovery according to the prompts step by step. The following interface is the screenshot of main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Main interface provides us with five different data recovery modules. Facing different file loss situation, we can resort to different data recovery module. This classification facilitates our recovery operation and promotes recovery efficiency. For example, we can use "Undelete Recovery" to recover deleted files. 

Sometimes, detail is also a key standard of judging one piece of data recovery software. Through over and over tests, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has been improved a lot according to users' habit and requirement, including file scanning. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is added with file scanning and preview function.

From this picture, we can see that MiniTool Power Data Recovery has an image preview function so that we can easily find out target image we want even if we don't know the file name. Certainly, searching function is rather necessary. With reaching function, we can easily find out lost file. 

Are you still worrying about Windows XP file loss? Try MiniTool Power Data Recovery for easy and efficient file recovery in Windows XP now! If you are interested in more related knowledge, visit http://www.powerdatarecovery.com to get more information.

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