Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Something about Prerecorded DVD

Prerecorded DVD is called CD-ROM including DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO three formats.

DVD-ROM is the basic format of DVD family, which is the basis of DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.
DVD-ROM is a data disc with a capacity of 7 times larger than that of CD-ROM.
The data transfer rate is 9 times of that in CD-ROM. So it is widely used in computer area. DVD-ROM file system uses the UDF and ISO 09660 standard which is compatible with computer systems. This technology is widely used in data access, multi-media and computer games.

2. DVD-Video
DVD-Video is called DVD film disc, which is a kind of DVD video format.

3. DVD-Audio
DVD-Audio is a kind of DVD audio format.
(1) 16, 20, 24 bit quantification
(2) 48/96/192KHz and 44.1/88.2/176.4/KHz sampling frequency.
(3) 2 channels or multi-channels, 6 channels at most.
If we select the maximum quantification 24 bit, sampling rate of 192 KHz to record 2 channels stereo program, a DVD-5 can store 64 minutes of this program. CD-DA is 16 bit quantification, 44.1 KHz sampling rate; its data quantity is only 15% much as that of DVD-Audio.
DVD-Audio uses LPCM which is the recurrence of the original audio without compaction. It can also use the Dolby Digital, DTS Specifications.
DVD-Audio can have a motion scope of 144 db while the CD can only have 120 db.
DVD-Audio needs a special player of DVD-Audio or DVD player that is compatible with DVD-Audio. PC can not play DVD-Audio as a DVD-Audio decoder is needed. 

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