Monday, June 11, 2012

What is DVD?

DVD, in its early stage of development, refers to the Digital Video Disc, that is, "digital video disc." With the advances in optical disc technology, it can not only store video program, but also store music, data, along with increased use, it will be this type of CD-ROM referred to as "Digital Versatile Disc", the English name is the Digital Versatile Disc, referred to as DVD.

As we all know, MPEG-1's image is VHS-level quality. The MPEG-2 video is broadcast level image quality. As the broadcast-quality digital TV MPEG-1 can store larger amount of data than CD whose capacity despite the 650 to 700GB, still failed to meet the storage of MPEG-2 video program requirements. Addressing the MPEG-2 video program storage problems has led to the advent of DVD. 

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