Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is VCD?

VCD is short for Video Compact Disc, actually means "video CD-ROM." It is the same as ordinary CD size of 120 mm in diameter. The structure is of no differences, but the above is a television show saved, and it is the so called "DVD", because it is much smaller than that used in other LS disc, so it is called "small discs." Its audio and video playback quality is better than CD, but somewhat less than the big discs. VCD discs can either be played directly in the VCD machine or configure the drive to play the computer. A VCD contains 74/80 minutes of video and audio in 650MB/700MB of the CD, and can be a different video and audio quality. VCD uses standard MPEG compression format to store video and audio. 1 use a compression standard called MPEG to store the video and audio. A VCD and VCD can be used in almost all of the computers CD-ROM, DVD-ROM with the software to play. It can also be used like a DVD, the use of menus, chapter mark.

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