Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best way to back up server, excellent server backup software.

For server, the most important part is undoubtedly data. As we all know server is generally used as network service side, and it offers us various kinds of software service, like webpage service, email service, entertainment service, and consultation service. We can say server is the heart of the whole network, and data is the heart of server. Thus it can be seen, what an important role data plays. However, unsafe network factors and server itself defects may cause server data to be lost. When server data are lost, the whole server will be in paralyzed, let alone bring users enjoyment. In order to avoid this situation, it is very necessary to back up server. But if we adopt the method Copy-Paste, it is so troublesome, so most of the time we back up server with software. When selecting server backup software, we should be quite cautious, because there is no App Store in Windows, and Microsoft is unable to monitor software quality. If users use inferior server backup software carelessly, it may make data irreparable, let alone back up server. Therefore, data security is the first factor we should consider in the process of software selection. At this time, the partition magic server MiniTool Partition Wizard which has the function of backing up data is suggested. This partition magic server will bring you much pleasure.

Reasons for server data loss
Before backing up server, we should know reasons for server backup. The most important reason is to prevent server data from being lost. And there are many reasons for server data loss. Next, let's analyze these reasons in detail.
1. Hardware failure: hardware failure is a big reason for server data loss, because server runs unceasingly every day, bringing much pressure on server hardware. At the same time, server data will exchange continuously, which brings serious depletion to server hard disk. So, server disk damage is far more serious than PC.
2. Software fault: software fault is likely to result in server data loss. For example, some data management software or partition magic which may result in endless loop or has leak resulting from undemanding development may lead to server data loss. Besides, sudden break is also likely to cause server data to be lost.
3. The problem of operating system: operating system failure will lead to server data loss, too, like disk management mechanism failure and disk recognition failure. Actually, the biggest factor for server data loss is operating system leaks. Although leak itself brings little influence on server data, it can attract hacker to attack server, bringing serious server data loss. Of course, this factor should be sorted into personal factor.
4. Personal factors: we just said the main reason for server data loss is hacker attack, but personal mistaken operation is also a nonnegligible factor.
After knowing these reasons, do you think your server data are safe? To avoid serious consequence brought by server data loss, MiniTool Partition Wizard is an indispensable tool.

The excellent server backup software MiniTool Partition Wizard
The partition magic server MiniTool Partition Wizard is undoubtedly an excellent server backup software. It provides users with 2 different modes to back up server, so we can select corresponding mode according to practical situation, which will promote working efficiency and work quality largely.

From its main interface, we can see these 2 modes, namely "Copy Partition Wizard" and "Copy Disk Wizard". The first one is for single partition backup, and the second one is to back up the whole disk.

As a professional partition magic server, MiniTool Partition Wizard not only has the function of backing up server, but has many other functions. Do you want to own this partition magic server? You can visit to free download it.

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