Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MiniTool Power Data Recovery puts fast critical data recovery into effect

How valuable is data saved in enterprises' disks for enterprises? Here are some numbers from statistical report: if a financial enterprise stops running because of data loss for two days, it will lose 50% daily sales. Among those enterprises that can't recover lost data in two weeks, 75% of them will face business break. And 43% of enterprises which break business will never open again. Even though some of them can start the business again, more than 60% of them will go bankrupt in two or three years.

Thus we can see how critical data recovery is for enterprises' normal running. Many managers of enterprises have realized the importance of critical data recovery, but they seldom ask professional data recovery companies for help. It is not because of high cost, but because of consideration of data security.

It's actually a difficult choice. If they don't perform data recovery in time, enterprise will probably break down. But asking data recovery companies for help will lead to secret information leak. But now, things are different. With the birth of data recovery software, enterprises have new choice now. They only need to employ a professional data recovery software, and then they can easily recover lost data by themselves. However, choosing a piece of suitable data recovery software is not so easy. Let me introduce you a powerful and comprehensive data recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Functional modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of powerful data recovery software. It helps users recover lost data in various storage medium such as hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive, CD/DVD, and Blue ray disk. It is able to help enterprises solve all kinds of data loss problems. To make you understand MiniTool Power Data Recovery better, let me show it to you briefly. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to enter the following interface:

This is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you think these five functional modules are not enough, you are absolutely wrong. Even though there are only five functional modules, they can easily solve data loss problems caused by various soft failures. For example, "Undelete Recovery" functional module recovers accidentally deleted important data, and other functional modules recover lost data caused by partition formatting, partition damage, partition loss or other accidents.

After reading this introduction, I believe you have already been deeply impressed by this magical data recovery software. When you need critical data recovery, you can visit our official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free: It will certainly help you a lot.

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