Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to create partition with 4K disk manage tool

Presently, all the disk manufacturers have produced 4K disk, and the traditional disk of 512 sector size has gradually been replaced by the new 4K disk.As its name implies, sector size of 4K disk is expanded from traditional 512B to 4096B. This change promotes disk performance and improve disk space usage rate.

Even though the advantage of 4K disk is attractive, 4K disk technology is still in a transition period. We need to pay attention to that not all the operating systems can identify 4K disk. In Windows operating system, only Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and later Windows versions can identify 4K disk. 4K disk manage tools are also very few. Fortunately, now we have a perfect choice – MiniTool Partition Wizard, the magical 4K disk manage tool. 

 Next, let me show you an operating demonstration of creating partition in 4K disk for your better understanding.

Create partition with 4K disk manage tool
At first, we need to visit http://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download MiniTool Partition Wizard. The following picture shows the 4K disk information:

Select the 4K disk, and click on "Properties" button to check properties of this disk. We can find the sector size of 4K disk is 4096B. Next, let's create partition with 4K disk manage tool.
Select the unallocated space, and click on "Create" button:

In this interface, we can set properties of new partition, such as file system, drive letter, partition label, partition size, and set primary or logical.

Here, we can find that there is a newly created partition in 4K disk. Click "Apply" button to execute operation.

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