Monday, August 20, 2012

How to prevent mobile device from leaking sensible data?

In the latest report released by Check Point, the number of personal mobile devices connecting to enterprise network in the past two years was more than doubled. Among these devices, almost half of the mobile device included sensitive data. The report named with “mobile device’s influence to information security” made very detailed survey about mobile device security problem. There are the summaries: 
1.         The number of mobile device connecting to enterprise network rapidly increased. About 94% of the surveyed enterprises indicated that the number of personal mobile device connecting to enterprises increased. And 78% of the surveyed enterprises indicated that the quantity of mobile devices was more than doubled in the past two years. 

2.         Employees’ behavior affected the security of mobile data. Most surveyed companies thought the situation that employee lacked of security awareness was the biggest security factor, followed by using mobile phone to view Web, connecting unsafe WiFi and malicious mobile applications download.   

3.         The most common mobile device and the security risk. Apple phone and BlackBerry phone were the most common mobile devices directly connecting to enterprise network, so was the Android phone. Almost half of the surveyed companies thought Android phone brought greater security risk to mobile working.

4.          The relation between the quantity of mobile device and security accidents. About 71% of the surveyed companies thought smartphone and tablet computer were main causes of the sensitive enterprise data loss.

5.         Lots of mobile device stored sensitive client data and commercial data: the mobile device owned by individual and company always kept and visited various sensitive information, including e-mail, client data and the landing password of internal database or business application.   

After viewing this study report, lots of mobile device users may worry about the data stored in mobile device a lot. In fact, as long as you perform defensive measures, you can avoid sensitive data leak. In general, we need two kinds of software to avoid sensitive data leak: mobile phone anti-virus software and disk management software. I believe most of you know the aim of using phone anti-virus software, so I just make introduction about the disk management software.

As sensitive data leak keeps increasing, lots of the disk management software development companies regard data leak problem as a disk problem, so they develop lots of software with Wipe Data function such as MiniTool Partition Wizard. Maybe some people think we just need to delete data but not use software to wipe data, but this viewpoint is wrong indeed. With software technology constantly advancing, data recovery software which can undelete data has appeared on software market. Such kind of software has very simple operations, so anybody who knows some computer knowledge can use it to recover deleted data. So, in order to ensure sensitive data security, we need to use disk management software to wipe data, and the software must have “DoD 5220.28 - STD” function which can prevent any data recovery software from recovering deleted data.   

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