Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is Mac really safe?

Recently, Mac also encountered problems. These days, the updating of Mac made lots of users suffer losses. In general, the system update is used to repair BUG or add some new functions, but this time, Mac update cause lots of users to fail to normally use Mac, even encounter Mac crash. After installing Mac OS X 10.7.3 update patches, users faced unknown program crash when using the program. During this process, strange words and pattern appeared in the border of the program, influencing normal use. Only downloading, installing and updating update package again can we solve this problem.     

In fact, Mac update has appeared for more than once. The update which was released in June, 2011, aiming at deleting and preventing malicious software, but it had fault. The unreasonable “Open” option on it caused virus infection on the contrary. In fact, these update factors are just part of Mac security threats while virus and malicious attacks really influence Mac data security.
Speaking of virus danger, lots of users may be surprised because Mac didn’t encounter virus invasion for a long time previously. These safe days has gone. As Mac sales volume keeps increasing, Mac’s sales volume reached 4,890,000 in the fourth quarter of 2011. Facing such large market environment, Mac attracts more and more hackers and virus. The data report of well-known security manufacturer Sophos indicates, more than one third of the Mac users once found viruses on their computer. The viruses are various, including Worm such as Opener, virus such as Oompa-A spreading via iChat chat program and Trojan virus such as OSX.RSPlug.A. Many professionals forecast that the Mac virus and unlawful Mac invasion will fast increase in 2012.  
Certainly, compared with the quantity of viruses, worm and Trojan under Windows, the number of Mac malicious program is not worth mention. However, Mac users have few useful security measures to prevent external Internet threats while Windows system is supported by large security products market. Moreover, lots of users are used to setting no security measures on Mac to prevent virus invasion, facilitating virus invasion. Therefore, when using Mac, we must install some anti-virus software and set firewall. Besides, we should also pay attention to the security details, including use non-administrator account, forbid guest account and share as well as forbid location service. By this way, we build firewall for Mac security. Although it can’t absolutely prevent the danger caused by virus and hacker invasion, it can at least decrease the possibility of Mac threat.     

If Mac encounters virus invasion which causes data loss, is there any solution? In fact, although Mac has fewer applications than Windows, it doesn’t lack of excellent data recovery software. The Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is just a piece of excellent application born for Mac data loss. It not only can recover lost Mac data in FAT 32 and NFTS file system, but also perform perfect data recovery for the HFS+ file system in Mac. Once you own it, you don’t need to be worried about Mac data loss. 

Certainly, data recovery is just remedial measure after Mac data loss, and it can’t become the final solution to prevent virus invasion and hacker invasion. Therefore, the best solution is to open the Mac security measure in daily use and pay attention to testing virus and hacker invasion. 

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