Sunday, August 26, 2012

The breakthrough of MacBook Pro increases potential security hazard

It is said that Apple is going to adjust its MacBook Pro production line. This product employs design of MacBook Airs series and the adjustment includes brand new ultrathin single piece al shell, making the Notebook lighter. It is also added with the features of speedily booting, and longer battery endurance. As to hardware configuration, MacBook Pro has given up CD-ROM and used flash memory solid hard drive instead of traditional mechanical hard drive. Therefore, MacBook Pro not only is lighter, it also breaks through technology bottleneck, being improved a lot.

After reading this, many Mac users are confused about why I say adjustment of MacBook Pro has broken through technology bottleneck, and what is technology bottleneck? In fact, as computer technology develops so fast, hardware updating speed is also very rapid. However, there is a type of technology that has blocked computer technology developing – computer hard drive technology.

So far we have met a bottleneck of traditional mechanical hard drive performance, which is reflected in the slow speed of recent years' hard drive technology development. This bottleneck is mostly caused by the structure of mechanical hard drive. To break through this bottleneck, we need to redesign hard drive or replace mechanical hard drive with alternative. Adjustment of MacBook Pro production line replaces traditional mechanical hard drive with better flash memory solid hard drive. Therefore, MacBook Pro breaks through this bottleneck that blocks computer technology developing.
What is solid hard drive? Actually, solid hard drive is the hard drive made of solid electronic storage chip array (largest capacity reaches more than 1T). Solid hard drive has the same port standard, definition, and function with normal mechanical hard drive. It even has the same appearance with normal mechanical hard drive. However, the cost of solid hard drive is much higher, so it is not that popular among common computer users. It is only widely applied to military, vehicle-mounted, industrial automation, video monitoring, network monitoring, network terminal, electric power, medical treatment, and aviation.

Storage medium of solid hard drive is divided into two types: one employs flash memory, which is used in MacBook Pro, and another employs DRAM. Compared with mechanical hard drive, solid hard drive has many advantages like faster booting speed, fragments cause no effect on accessing speed, higher writing speed, no noise, lower fever, and no mechanical failure, etc. These advantages exactly have broken through the bottleneck of present hard drive technology.

Since solid hard drive is so great, why it increases potential security hazard? The reason is very simple. No matter how excellent the new flash memory solid hard drive that MacBook Pro employs is, once computer is infected with virus or encounters misoperation, a large amount of data loss is still very likely to happen.

If data loss happens in mechanical hard drive, we can still use professional MAC data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover lost data from mechanical hard drive. As to flash memory hard drive that is very different from mechanical hard drive in structure and storage medium, it is very hard to recover lost data. Though MiniTool Mac Data Recovery supports data recovery in flash memory hard drive, you should know that flash memory hard drive is made of flash memory array, and whether this software supports data recovery in flash memory array still remains unknown.

Hence, even though MacBook Pro has great breakthrough in performance, its data security still is a problem. To promote data security of computer, we should put preventive measures in the first place.

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