Friday, August 31, 2012

The computer virus harm and prevention

As computer technology rapidly develops and computer is popular day by day, computer virus also constantly appears. At present, virus already becomes the important problem which influences computer system security and Internet development. All enterprises should value the computer virus prevention, and decrease harm brought by computer virus to largest extent. Currently, individuals, enterprises and the governments deal with large part of work via the Internet, so the virus prevention plays important role in keeping our computers working normally when we use Internet. Here, I briefly tell you about the harm computer virus may bring and the way to avoid losses.   

About 60 thousand kinds of viruses exist at present, they initially cause some little troubles to computer users but serious threaten computer and Internet security now. Although there are many kinds of computer viruses, the harm they cause is roughly the same.

1. Most virus directly damage computer important information data when they are activated, and the main methods including format disk, modify file allocation table and directory area, delete important files or modify files with meaningless junk data, damage CMOS configuration. 

2. Occupy system resource – the basic internal memory length occupied by virus is as long as virus length. When the virus works, it will seize internal memory, causing a part of the software to fail to work. At the same time, it affects computer operating speed. In order to judge the infection excitation condition, the virus always monitors the computer working state. This action is excess and harmful to normal computer working state. Moreover, while spreading, virus inserts unlawful excess operations, affecting computer performance and bringing great negative influence.       

3. Steal users’ privacy. Besides damaging computer, lots of viruses such as Trojan viruses are aimed at invading users’ computers or enterprises’ computers to gain privacy data from individuals or enterprises, seriously affecting the users’ life and normal enterprise work.    

Now that virus exists, virus prevention measures undoubtedly appear. Lots of measures can prevent virus invasion, but the way is roughly the same. Firstly, install anti-virus software. As for enterprises, you’d better install separately fire wall. Secondly, keep good computer use habit, close or delete the unnecessary service, usually update the security patches for operating system and use complicated codes. Finally, perform the remedial measures after virus invasion. 

Since result caused by most viruses is data loss, data recovery is the only solution when we encountering virus damage. At present, there are two data recovery methods, the one is to resort to data recovery company, the other one is to employ data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Certainly, it is very simple to resort to data recovery company, but the fees we pay is relatively high. For this reason, the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery becomes the first choice for many users.   

When encountering computer virus, we should be calm and take corresponding measures to decrease computer virus harm to lowest, including undelete data. Certainly, the best way to prevent virus invasion is to perform virus prevention.  

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