Thursday, September 13, 2012

3 ways to manage Server 2003 partition

 When managing Windows Server 2003, we often need to manage disk partition. Why? Reasons are as follows: 

1. Keep system run normally. When we use Windows Server 2003, system logs and application programs are increasing. As a result, Server 2003 system partition runs out of space, which will directly influence running speed or even cause system crash. 

2. Enhance system performance. Server 2003 managers should keep system run normally as well as enhance system performance. To enhance system performance effectively, partition management like change cluster size, convert file system, and resize partition should be performed. 
Of course, there are many other advantages if we perform server partition management, but there is no need to talk them one by one. However, the problem how to manage server partition troubles many users. 

3. Resize partition. As a Server operating system, Windows Server 2003 is often used as service terminal. So, data base of Server 2003 will increase continuously as time goes by. Then, partition space insufficiency will emerge. Nevertheless, it is inadvisable to release free space by deleting or removing data on server, so Windows Server 2003 managers need to resize server partition. 

Generally, there are 3 ways to manage Server 2003 partition:
1. Use command prompt tool. It can realize many server partition management operations, but operations are complex, and common users dare not use this method. Once we operate mistakenly, our computer may suffer irreparable damage.

2. Use Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool. This tool only provides several basic server partition management functions like delete partition, format partition, and change drive letter and path. So, it is unable to manage Server 2003 partition effectively.

3. Download an excellent partition manager 2003 from It is the very method adopted by most Windows Server 2003 managers, because this partition manager server can accomplish complex server partition management easily and safely. Besides, it requires no further understanding of computer storage principle, and we also do not need to worry about harm brought by mistaken operation. Therefore, using partition manager 2003 is the best choice.

As long as we log in the website, we can download this excellent partition manager 2003 easily and successfully.

This is the partition manager 2003 recommended in the website. It has powerful server partition management functions which can be realized without data loss or data damage, such as resize partition, copy partition and disk, merge partitions, delete partition, create partition, wipe partition, and change cluster size. In addition, its unique data protecting solutions can ensure data security to the largest extent.

This partition manager 2003 is your best choice if you are troubled by Server 2003 partition management.

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