Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Data which can be recovered by data recovery software

1.  Improper partition. The so-called improper partition indicates the new partition built after original partitions are deleted. In general, partition operations only make modifications on locations such as master boot sector and disk label, but don’t affect data area. So, most data loss caused by such kind of problem can be solved by data recovery software.

2.  Accidental formatting or accidental deletion. The data loss due to improper operations is very common, but such kind of problems can be easily solved. Both accidental deletion and accidental formatting don’t thoroughly wipe disk, so we can easily recover lost data with data recovery software.

3.  Mistakenly cloning. This problem generally occurs when we make improper operations during software use process, for instance, using Ghost. The most typical event – there are multiple partitions in hard disk, but left only one partition after improper cloning. When encountering such kind of problem, we can use data recovery software to recover it via proper operations.    

Although problems above can be solved by data recovery software, we must pay attention to the limit of data recovery software when using it. Otherwise, even the current best data recovery software MiniTool Partition Data Recovery can’t completely recover the lost data.    

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