Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have you done privacy protection work well?

With the wider and wider application of computer in our life and work, we often have to save privacy involving individual or business information to the computer. When we need to delete the private information, most of us only use "Delete" or "Shift" + "Delete" shortcut key. The operation is fast and convenient. However, such an operation sometimes leads to a result that brings us losses and disaster. Unexpectedly, even if we have already deleted the private information, other malicious people can still get it. How could that happen?  

To get the answer of this question, we need to understand the file system of Windows. Windows file system includes multiple types such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. In FAT file system, creating one file needs to create a corresponding index record in file allocation table. Index record is just like the book catalogue of library, including an indicator which points to the location of the file. When you try to access the file, system will find it according to the index record in file allocation table. Meanwhile, other files cannot be created to that location to avoid disorder of files.

When you need to delete the file, "Delete" or "Shift" + "Delete" shortcut key will only delete the index record in file allocation table so that the location will become empty and system will not display the file anymore. In fact, the deleted files are still in the original location. We can rely on some special technology to recover the file back easily. That is why the deleted private information still leaks.

Some malicious computer users will try their best to steal private information from our computers. For example, they employ Trojan or virus to copy our disk and then recover deleted private information with data recovery software. How can we do perfect data protection work to keep privacy from leaking? The solution is easy. I believe you have already heard about file shredder or wipe data function. They both help us a lot to protect privacy. Owning a partition magic like MiniTool Partition Wizard, which has the wipe data function, we can easily wipe the secret data thoroughly so that we can do perfect privacy protection work.

File shredder or partition magic, which one is better? They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have too many files to be shredded, using shredder is troublesome. Using partition magic to wipe partition is a better solution. And partition magic also holds many other disk and partition management functions. I prefer partition magic than file shredder.

As known to all, at present, data information values much, especially private data. It may relate to the fate of an enterprise. So protecting private data is extremely important. The above solutions are both free. Try them to protect your privacy in your computers! 

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