Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to recover deleted files from SD card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

SD card is the abbreviation of Secure Digital Memory Card. In SD card use, we often need to delete files stored in SD card for some reasons, which is the situation encountered by every SD card user. It is very unfortunate that we delete some important files because of our careless operation when we are deleting files stored in SD card. Then, we need to choose data recovery software to recover our lost data. Here, the professional free data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, with powerful functions is recommended. For detailed information, please visit its official website

How to recover deleted files from SD card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
Since MiniTool Power Data Recovery has excellent compatibility with varying mobile storage devices including SD card, it is easy to recover deleted files from SD card with this free data recovery software. Run the software and its simple and utility interface will be shown.

In the main interface, five function modules designed for different data recovery situations are provided. To recover deleted files from SD card, we should click "Undelete Recovery" and the following interface will appear.

In this interface, select the partition standing for SD card (since the operation of SD card files recovery and hard disk partition data recovery are same, we'll take Partition H: for example), and then click "Recover". The following picture will be shown.

In this interface, all files in the partition are listed after the free data recovery software finishes scanning the selected partition. Files marked with red crosses are deleted files. Find and check the deleted files that will be recovered and then click "Save Files" to store the recovered files to a safe location. Now, we have finished all operation of recovering deleted files from SD card.

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