Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photo recovery software

We always save many favorite photos or videos to our computer, such as photos taken when travelling, photos taken with friends, or classical film and TV production, etc. I am actually enthusiastic about collecting these media files. When using computer, these media files are very likely to be lost because of virus attack or users' misoperation. In fact, I have experienced photo loss accident for once.

I love travelling with friends on holiday, carrying my camera. Every time I always take many photos and enjoy the journey a lot. After travelling, I always transfer these photos to my computer. But last week, I lost them all. When I was playing game happily, a friend of mine suddenly sent me an invitation to another video game and asked me to play with him. I didn't refuse and installed that program.

After installing, I felt something wrong. All icons on the desktop were replaced. So I rapidly opened "My computer" to check partitions saving important data. Astonishingly, all photos were lost from partition. I was very worried and blamed on that program my friend sent to me. I called him to ask what was going on but he knew nothing at all and he was even not using the computer. I suddenly realized that my computer was infected with virus.

Realizing it was virus attack, I firstly used anti-virus software to scan and kill virus. The result was that most files in my computer were with security hazard so I had to delete them all. After finishing anti-virus work, I was a little relieved. As to photo loss, I felt rather grieved. I thought about professional data recovery company but I knew they would charge me very high so I quitted this idea.

My friend heard about my accident and told me to stop any operation to computer, avoiding data overwriting. He asked me not to resort to professional data recovery company and he would help me with this. I felt the hope and waited for him to come.

When he came to my place, he used my computer to download one data recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery from one website. Through scanning with this software, it showed all my lost photos in the interface. I was so happy and my friend also felt relieved. At last, he helped me recover all my lost favorite photos. After successfully recovering, my friend told me it was very easy to recover lost photo caused by damage. And I didn't need to resort to professional data recovery company as long as I could use photo recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. That also saved much money for me!
This is my experience of data loss accident I have ever experienced. Though it hasn't caused any effect on me, the whole process makes me feel astonishing. I have kept MiniTool Power Data Recovery ever since that accident in case of data loss problem. 

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